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These two lightweight servers of Tencent Cloud deserve to have 2 cores, 4GB memory, 8M bandwidth and 74 yuan per year

This morning, I saw that the hot discussion in the group was that there were several popular cloud servers from Tencent Cloud that were attractive. Among them, two lightweight servers have 6M and 8M bandwidth, which is really good for users who need large bandwidth. What's more, the price is really attractive, reaching 60 yuan per year and 74 yuan per year, which is simply a loss for small businesses to survive.

Of course, this is also the strategy of others. Generally, large factories can enjoy the "hot money" activity only in the first year, and then attract us to register their businesses to achieve the purpose of continuous renewal and purchase. Generally, only large manufacturers can have the courage and ability to lose money in the first year, but it is really sad for ordinary companies and individual manufacturers. In recent years, we have seen that many similar businesses are difficult to survive.

Here we can see the corresponding package scheme. However, these two packages are 100% CPU exclusive, not limited by a cloud vendor. However, the disadvantage of lightweight servers is that the bandwidth is large and the traffic is limited, which is 1GB and 1.2TB monthly traffic respectively. However, it is sufficient for general services. Since we see the cheap, we cannot take advantage of the cheap.

The activity is only limited to the first purchase of new customers. If we can register to a new account, we can enjoy it. At the same time, Lao Zuo has seen that this conventional CVM ECS is also quite good.

We can see that the 4-core 8GB5M bandwidth configuration is 2198 yuan in three years, and this cost performance ratio is relatively high, without limiting the traffic.

Let's see if we have the right choice. By the end of the month, businesses should be promoting their performance.

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