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How to select traditional host or cloud virtual host for BlueHost virtual host

At the weekend, we saw that BlueHost host vendors were recommending activities on the Double Seventh Festival, and the virtual host had activities as low as 50% off. Some netizens were confused when choosing. They saw that the BH hosting company did not have only one virtual hosting scheme in the early years, but there were many products and multiple virtual hosting options, which was difficult for them. In this article, Lao Zuo is going to record and explain the selection strategy of BH virtual host.

Let's see what we should pay attention to if we choose BH host.

First, host difference

1. Traditional virtual host

2. Cloud virtual host

We can see the traditional virtual host and cloud virtual host through the above two figures. Traditional virtual hosts are different from Windows and Linux systems. For the difference between cloud virtual machine and traditional virtual machine, refer to: Difference between overseas cloud virtual host and traditional virtual host (how to choose between them)

Second, the difference between computer rooms

The traditional virtual host solutions include Linux and Windows systems, and there are four computer rooms available in the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India. At present, there is only an American machine room for the virtual machine. If we need an American machine room, we recommend that we give priority to the virtual machine. Of course, the cost of the virtual machine will be higher. If we need a Hong Kong computer room, only the traditional host has a Hong Kong computer room.

At the same time, the cloud virtual host only has Linux system, and the traditional virtual host includes WIN and LiNUX.

Of course, from the perspective of security and current trends, the technology and performance of cloud virtual machine must be better. However, only the US machine room is available. If Hong Kong virtual host is required, traditional virtual host can only be selected.

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