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How to Control the Cost of COM Domain Name from the Perspective of the Coming Price Increase of COM Domain Name

Many of our webmasters should have received push emails from major domain name registrars one after another last week. COM domain names will rise in price from September 1 this year. Of course, the benefits of rising prices are not very large. The list price will increase to about $9.99 per year. Maybe we have some netizens who want to say that some service providers pay this price before they raise the price, but in fact, most of them pay less than $9. If there is a promotion, it can be cheaper.

 How to Control the Cost of COM Domain Name from the Perspective of the Coming Price Increase of COM Domain Name

Some netizens worry about whether our cost will be high after the price rise, which is of course. After all, today's prices are rising. Although domain names are virtual products, the cost of artificial products and services is increasing. With the impact of the epidemic, inflation and price increases can also be traced. For our webmaster, there must be some cost increase. If we only have three or two domains, it can be ignored. But Lao Zuo has seen a lot of professional tampering with domain names, which must have some impact. A few days ago, Lao Zuo saw a webmaster with four or five hundred websites, and their renewal cost really increased a lot.

Based on this problem, the price of COM domain names will rise soon. How can we control the cost? Here is my personal opinion.

First, abandon useless websites

In recent years, have we seen that with the popularity of We Media and short videos, the traffic of our personal websites or commercial websites relying on PC has declined. At the same time, the traffic volume of the search engine itself does not give us much traffic on many PC websites. What's more, it is more and more difficult to build a website with high requirements for content, including policy requirements, so if our website has no value, we can directly abandon it. In the past few months, Lao Zuo also abandoned many useless websites in succession. Some old domains were given away or sold for a little return.

Therefore, Lao Zuo personally suggested that if we do not have much value in the website, we should abandon it directly rather than shelve the renewal cost increase.

Second, discount for renewal

Although the price of COM domain names was announced to be going up, we can see that some service providers themselves will also launch renewal coupons or direct renewal discount codes in promotional activities such as Double 11, Black Friday, and annual discounts. These are what we do in China and Foreign domain name registrar You can see the promotion activities of the merchants. If our domain name service provider has activities, we can renew in advance or at a discount to reduce costs.

Third, renewal of transfer out

This is also the method Lao Zuo has been adopting. For example, if I see that the domain name of a service provider is about to expire and needs to be renewed, and if we see that there is a transfer in discount at a service provider, I will directly save money by transferring in the renewal method. For example, I have two domain names that need to be renewed within the next 30 days of Namesilo, and the renewal fee is about 9 dollars. Here I am focusing on the transfer in discount of Namecheap merchants. If there is a transfer in activity within a month, I will transfer out. Actually, there were some a few days ago. I forgot to read them.

According to Lao Zuo's experience for many years, the price of COM domain names will rise on September 1. There must be a service chamber that will offer transfer out discounts through this opportunity to attract transfer to their service providers. We still need to grasp this real opportunity.

Of course, if our website has high value, for example, Lao Zuo knows a webmaster whose monthly income can reach very high, he certainly does not care how much the domain name renewal fee is. I see that he is still adding new websites, buying a server without asking for discounts, buying paid themes directly, and paying plug-ins directly in dollars. If you are such a person, then don't care.

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