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RAKsmart's newly launched Cloud ECS can be customized at $7.59 per month

RAKsmart merchants have always made great efforts on independent servers, station cluster servers, and G and 10G port large port traffic servers, but in VPS host business, it is only incidental, especially we see that most mainstream merchants are doing cloud servers, while RAKsmart merchants are finally starting to do cloud servers. This is a tentative plan to add a Silicon Valley computer room in the United States. From $7.59 per month, it supports customized configuration, KVM virtualization, US Silicon Valley computer room, VPC network/classic network, mainland optimization/boutique network lines, supports Linux or Windows operating systems, and provides snap and backup.

 RAKsmart's newly launched Cloud ECS can be customized at $7.59 per month

First, activity plan package

Currently, ECS has only one Silicon Valley machine room in the data center. The configuration can be selected as required, even including network type and line type.

computer room CPU Memory Hard disk bandwidth Price choice
silicon valley one 1GB 40GB 1M Mainland $7.59/month choice
silicon valley one 1GB 40GB 1M boutique $11.19/month choice
silicon valley two 2GB 40GB 1M boutique $17.38/month choice

We can see that mainland optimization and boutique network can be selected on the network route. We may see that optimization in mainland China is the best in other service providers, but it is better in the boutique network of RAKSmart merchants.

Second, interpretation of choice

RAKSmart merchants also have some cheap VPS host solutions, which we can refer to“ RAKsmart is cheap in the United States/Japan/Hong Kong, China VPS host can install Windows as low as $1.99 per month ". It seems that the price performance ratio of ECS is average when it is new. For example, the bandwidth of 1M is better than the cheap VPS scheme. Therefore, for ECS or VPS in need, Laozuo personally suggests not to choose ECS for the time being.

 RAKsmart is newly launched on Cloud ECS

We can see that different configuration prices change accordingly. ECS includes two snapshot backups and two automatic backups.

To sum up, we have encountered VPS and independent servers in the computer room. If you have tested the ping speed of IP, please refer to (Boutique) (Mainland Optimization). However, for ECS performance, it is not enough to look at ping.

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