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Several things that Vultr novices need to do after registering an account (to ensure the security of the account)

Although Lao Zuo was there“ Practical course of new user registration on Vultr official website and detailed illustration of Vultr new user recharge activation and account opening "The article introduces Vultr's new account in more detail, but there are some small details that need to be noted. In this article, I'm going to record some small details that need to be noted in the novice Vultr account registration. Maybe these small details are related to the security of our subsequent accounts, including the security of the server, if any.

 Several things that Vultr novices need to do after registering an account (to ensure the security of the account)

1. Improve account information

When we registered Vultr account, we filled in relatively few personal information, as long as we filled in the email and password. In fact, this is not safe and rigorous enough. After registering and recharging to activate the account, we need to improve the personal information of the account.

2. Check activation mailbox

After completing the personal information, we also need to check the email address of the registered account to see if there is an activation email, which is generally available. We activate the email to ensure that this account is our email binding. Only bind the mailbox. If we do have a problem account later, we can identify the account security and provide personal information authentication.

3. Recharge to ensure balance

The Vultr account activation server adopts the post billing mode. Generally, the fees of the previous month are deducted on the first day of each month. We need to make sure that the account has enough balance, and then we can let him deduct automatically. If there is not enough balance at the time of deduction, our account may be frozen. Of course, I personally do not recommend binding a credit card, because if we forget to say that the account is not used, or lead to excessive use of resources, it may be automatically deducted.

4. Server life cycle

We should pay attention to the hourly billing mode of Vultr server. If we don't use the server, don't just throw it away like some service providers. If you don't care, you will continue to deduct fees. The arrears are still on our account. If you do not use the machine, delete it( Obtain IP and ROOT passwords/shut down/restart/delete servers, etc )。 Only the deleted machine will not be charged again.

5. Don't speculate

Some of our friends may know that there are some benefits for registering a new Vultr account, which is really like this( Sorting out the latest available Vultr discount codes/coupons in 2021 )。 So many friends think they are very smart and are ready to register many accounts. You need to pay attention to that several businesses may not care about you when you register multiple accounts. It is not that they don't know, but if they think you have done too much, they will directly delete all your accounts and all associated accounts will be frozen.

To sum up, Vultr merchants certainly have their advantages and characteristics, so we can use them within a reasonable range by following the rules.

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