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Count 20 data centers and speed measurement file addresses of Vultr VPS merchants

The reason why many of us prefer Vultr VPS hosting companies is that they provide up to 20 data centers. The advantage of more data centers is that if some projects need more rooms, we should not look for other service providers. In addition, we should know that the computer rooms of VULTR merchants are basically original and suitable for the use of local businesses that need computer rooms. After all, the business background is the world's largest game service provider.

 Count 17 data centers and speed measurement file addresses of Vultr VPS merchants

In this article, Lao Zuo sorted out the official test IP addresses and download file speed measurement of 20 VULTR data centers. Before selecting the VULTR VPS host, we can test the speed of each machine room and the line backhaul, whether it is suitable for our business, and then select it if it is suitable.

S/N Machine room (English) Machine room (middle) Test IP address 100M speed measurement 1G speed measurement
 1  Frankfurt, DE Frankfurt, Germany 100M   1GB
 2 Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam, Netherlands 100M   1GB
 3 Paris, France France 100M   1GB
 4 London, UK London, UK 100M   1GB
 5 Seoul Seoul, South Kerean 100M   1GB
 6 Singapore Singapore 100M   1GB
 7 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan 100M   1GB
 8 New York (NJ) New York, USA 100M   1GB
 9 Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada 100M   1GB
ten Chicago, Illinois Chicago, USA   100M   1GB
eleven Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, USA 100M 1GB
twelve Seattle, Washington Seattle, USA 100M 1GB
thirteen Miami, Florida Miami, USA 100M 1GB
fourteen Dallas, Texas Dallas, USA 100M 1GB
fifteen  California San Joze 100M 1GB
sixteen Los Angeles Los Angeles, USA 100M 1GB
seventeen Mexico City, Mexico Mexico 100M 1GB
eighteen Stockholm, Sweden Sweden 100M 1GB
nineteen São Paulo, Brazil Brazil 100M 1GB
twenty Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia 100M 1GB

Here are the test IP addresses and file download speeds of the official computer rooms I sorted out. In the future, if there are new machine rooms and changed IP addresses, we will also sort out and update them.

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