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Can't stand the old version incompatible with PHP7+and changing the theme to a new one

Today, if we have a meal with our family on Father's Day, we'd better call to say hello. Some time ago, Lao Zuo told me that he could update some information when he was free to ensure that he could keep the website updated when he didn't have time. However, the themes he used on this website do not know where they came from. In short, they are not suitable. Many of the files are stitched together by themes he has modified manually over the years, which is not fully compatible with the existing functions of WordPress. Some functions are not compatible with the latest PHP version, so we have to troubleshoot every problem.

So after discussing with him, I took the time to change the theme of this website again. Somehow the experience is much better than before. However, there are still many details that need to be adjusted, because the previous processing is manual page addition, not data added from within WP.

At present, this theme comes from the DUX theme, but some details have been modified. At present, the official 618 event of ThemeBetter has a discount of 6.8%. If we also need the theme of We Media, I personally think the theme of DUX and XIU is good, and other themes are average.

ThemeBetter Limited Time Offer

It should be noted here that the DUX and XIU themes do not restrict the binding of domain names, but we need to have our own domain names. Of course, I see that some friends are enthusiastic about providing official cracked versions regularly. To be honest, some can be used, but the version may not be the latest. It is slightly delayed than the direct download. If you don't mind, you can get it through appropriate channels and save money.

If we support the genuine version or want to keep the latest version available as soon as possible, we should choose the paid version.

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