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Hands training - WHMCS cracked version demo installation tutorial

The day before yesterday, Lao Zuo shared“ Happy DirectAdmin "It is also necessary to share the installation demo tutorial and a very powerful host management panel WHMCS. The main purpose is to learn how to use, so I didn't buy the paid version. Even if a friend sees this article or is ready to use these non open source panels, if you want to play with them, you can use the cracked version/happy version. If you really want to build a website, you still need to use the paid version, so that the security and upgrade are guaranteed.

Lao Zuo originally wanted to sort out several WHMCS templates with good user experience, but he could not directly share them. I had to install them in my own machine, and then install the collected templates to see if they were OK, and then share them. Therefore, I will install the WHMCS panel first.

Step 1. Installation environment

The WHMCS panel is actually very simple, just a WEB panel. We only need to install Apache MySQL PHP on our machine. So we can refer to“ LAMP (Apache MySQL PHP) one click installation package tutorial (CentOS 5 32bit) "This article is about one click installation of LAMP environment. When installing, we need to enter our own PHPMYADMIN password, which should be remembered.

After installing the environment, because the original version needs to install the ionCube and ZEND, I will install them together. If it is not easy to install in the future, don't bother.

wget -q -O - |Sh # Installing the Atomic Library

Yum install php ioncube loader # Install ionCube PHP Loader

Yum install php zend guard loader # Install zend guard loader

/Etc/init.d/httpd restart # Restart the Apache server

Step 2: Install WHMCS

Create a file whmcs folder in our website directory or install it directly. It depends on you.

wget #Download
Unzip whmcs. zip # Unzip

Then we use http://ip/whmcs/ Open it to enter an installation directory. You need to set the permissions of the configuration.php, attachments, downloads, and templates_c files/folders to 777.

After the installation is completed step by step, we can log in to the background and foreground to see the interface by deleting the installation directory of the INSTALL folder.


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