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Test the process of selecting Half Moon Bay HMBCloud DC5 CN2 GIA to optimize the route monthly fee of $4.99

In fact, it is not difficult for us to choose the VPS host in the United States today. We can see that all kinds of domestic and foreign host companies have provided it, and even often see the emergence of new businesses and the closure of old businesses. After all, the competitiveness in this industry is still relatively large, and of course, because the threshold is relatively low, access is relatively simple. However, we can see that among the service providers that can persist, they generally have some special programs.

As for the service providers of Half Moon Bay, in fact, Lao Zuo also saw that their products were more than before, but there were no special features. So Lao Zuo shared some business activities, and not many of them were tested and purchased personally. But yesterday I introduced“ Half Moon Bay Three Network Los Angeles DC5 CN2 GIA Same DC6 DC9 1G Memory 1TB Traffic Monthly $4.99 "After the plan, I'm going to start one today.

Package name core Memory Hard disk Monthly flow bandwidth IP address Price purchase
DC5-100Mbps 1 core 1GB 10GB 500GB 100Mbps 1 $4.99/month purchase
DC5-300Mbps 1 core 1GB 10GB 1TB 300Mbps 1 $69.99/year purchase
DC5-500Mbps 1 core 1GB 10GB 1TB 500Mbps 1 $79.99/year purchase

At present, the Los Angeles DC5 package claims to be a product of the same line as the DC9 and DC6 of a merchant we may be familiar with, so it is more attractive. The price also supports monthly payment, while the merchant can only pay annually.

Don't talk nonsense. Lao Zuo is going to try the scheme of minimum monthly payment of $4.99.

 Test the process of selecting Half Moon Bay HMBCloud DC5 CN2 GIA to optimize the route monthly fee of $4.99

Let's check the configuration.

Then we set the host name and ROOT password. Here is a strange thing. According to the front-end introduction, we can see that 1G memory, 1 core, 10GB hard disk, and 1 IP address are available, but here you can choose double, such as 2 cores, 2GB memory, 20GB hard disk, and 2 independent IP addresses, and the price is still 4.99 dollars per month.

Is this a new benefit? Here, of course, I want to select the value-added part and have a look. Pay attention to whether there is any change in the price. If there is no change, I would be foolish not to choose more.

Check the configuration, and then prepare to pay. Here I have an account to log in directly.

If there is no account, it is easy to register. You can pay with Alipay, and I will pay directly.

Yes, it is. After the opening, I will come to assess it later. I have something to go out for.

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