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Everyone can improve the theoretical strategy of server and VPS host security

A few days ago, I met a netizen who ran over and said it was over. What's the problem? It turned out that it was a cloud server or VPS host merchant he chose. Of course, the merchant did not run away. It was his own mischief that caused him to click to reinstall the system, which led to all the data hanging up. Of course, the result was extremely sad.

I remember this student very clearly. The service providers that had chosen before, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, they ran away without a year's support. However, he chose not to back up the data so far. The student paid the tuition twice, and it is unclear whether there are similar problems later. Let's talk about how to improve the security policy of servers and VPS hosts in this article. After all, if there is an installation, either internal or external, it may lead to instability of our project and data loss.

 Everyone can improve the theoretical strategy of server and VPS host security

First, reliable merchants

Indeed, we can see that some businesses have different prices. Some are really expensive, and some are really cheap. Of course, our friends who use more should see that lines, configurations, businesses, word of mouth and so on really matter. In particular, our choice of virtual host is different from that of server, and the latter requires the cooperation of businesses to check whether it is stable and whether it is oversold. If you choose reliable merchants, at least the security and stability will be improved.

Second, merchant security strategy

There are many kinds of security tests, such as whether the products provided by the merchants are safe. For example, Lao Zuo met some virtual hosting companies N years ago, and websites in users' virtual hosts were often linked to trojans. Finally, it is really the security of the merchant's server that causes it. Some service providers even hang the back door and connect to the customer's website secretly. Therefore, we need to see the merchant's security policy, including our security policy needs to be set.

Third, line stability

It does not mean that data is not lost, which means security. If the speed is very slow, if the website item search engine does not crawl and the business often goes down, do you believe it? Therefore, it is critical to maintain a stable server strategy. We can monitor and test by ourselves. If it is stable, we can keep it. If it is unstable, we will not renew it.

Fourth, user security policy

For user security, we generally set strong passwords and port security group opening settings. Including our regular backup data is still important. Even if the business is running away or unstable, we can also migrate data in a timely manner. At the same time, we need to update the software regularly. After the system source vendors provide it, it is our own business to upgrade the software version and source.

Fifth, pay more attention

Take the last point and write five points. When he met a netizen, he found that the server had long forgotten to renew the data and lost it. How ungrateful this is, it shows that he didn't pay attention to it. Somehow you need to pay attention to the business information, including email information and renewal information. Then adjust or migrate or renew according to the needs.

It's just a matter of our own choice and judgment. In particular, cloud service providers, even if they make so-called promises, will suffer the greatest loss when problems finally occur.

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