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Choose which SSL certificate is appropriate and how long the validity period of the SSL certificate is generally purchased

In this article, Lao Zuo continued to record the problem of SSL certificates. He didn't go out this morning to solve the problem. It was recorded in the previous article that the SSL certificate has nothing to do with where we buy ECS( here )。 However, the customer mentioned that when they choose an SSL certificate, they can choose from many SSL certificates. Is there any difference?

 Choose which SSL certificate is appropriate and how long the validity period of the SSL certificate is generally purchased

For our ordinary users, installing SSL certificates in business is nothing more than hoping to see the green lock mark in front of the web address. There is no difference between others. If we do not install it, we will see the unsafe website prompt when some browsers display it, but there will be no such prompt after installation. And we can see that many of us use SSL certificates for free. But in fact, there is something particular on the certificate.

For example, we can see many SSL certificate providers, such as Comodo DigiCert, Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte, RapidSSL provide brands for these certificates. For the domain name type of the certificate, we can see the domain name certificate that supports a single domain name, multiple domain names, and wildcards. Certificate types also include domain name type, enterprise type and enhanced type. Are we troubled by these when choosing certificates?

First, how do we choose SSL Certificate Type

My choice here is very simple. Do we plan to use a single domain name, multiple domains, or many domains that need to use the main domain name later. If it is a single domain name, select a single domain name certificate. If it is a multi domain name, check the multi domain name certificate. For example, there is a limit of no more than two or five domain names. If it is enough, you can select one within the range of multiple domain names. If you are not sure, for example, if you have many secondary domain names, use wildcards.

For example, Lao Zuo used wildcard certificates when he knew several netizens who had extensive websites. In terms of security, we can choose the enterprise type if it is an enterprise, and the enhanced type if it requires special security. The brand is not important. We usually choose it according to the price.

Second Validity period of SSL certificate Questions for

The validity of this certificate depends on our actual project. If we plan to make it for one year, we will buy it for one year. If you plan to use it for a long time, it will take longer, such as three years or five years. After all, the one-time cost may be higher if the purchase cycle is longer, but the cost allocated to each year is lower.

One more thing to note is that sometimes we choose SSL certificates that have been used for many years. In the future, we don't need to configure the certificates every time they are renewed. Sometimes, we can just configure them once. Generally, certificates that we renew need to be reconfigured. Of course, some service providers need to be reconfigured once a year if we have purchased them for many years. It depends on the actual service provider

Laozuo (LAOZUO. ORG) personally believes that we choose certificates according to our needs. Ordinary certificates are not special data transmission security, but ordinary certificates. In business, don't be stingy with free certificates.

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