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Recommended Hong Kong VPS/Hong Kong ECS solutions worth buying (some former vendors)

Often netizens ask if there are any good ones Hong Kong VPS Hong Kong ECS In fact, there are a lot of businesses at present, and there is no absolute good or bad. Recently, Lao Zuo will occasionally share some host companies that he has never seen before. Some of them may be new ones, and some of them may be relatively old ones. If according to my past habits, I really won't share it. Generally, I will share what I have used before, or at least what I have launched and tested. This is not based on the attitude of learning to increase knowledge, but to share some new businesses from time to time. Of course, these may not be used by me or you.

 Recommended Hong Kong VPS/Hong Kong ECS solutions worth buying

In fact, for most netizens, we do see a lot of merchants. It is true that some mainstream merchants need to be selected finally. It is true that the cheap VPS scheme attracts us, but the final cost performance ratio must be based on cost parity. It is impossible to find the so-called cheap, fast and stable merchants. In this article, Lao Zuo simply reorganizes his own VPS Hong Kong ECS Merchant.

If we need to know about servers in Hong Kong or multi IP servers in the station cluster, we can refer to the previous articles.

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PS: The merchants here rank in no particular order. They are all some of the merchants I have used before and now. Later, they may be updated according to the time. Of course, we need to standardize the use of any host company we choose.


This DiyVM host business is not a large individual company business in China. It should be relatively low-key in the circle. The boss's business is not dominated by hosts, which may be incidental. I have seen many people who let Lao Zuo solve the problem of building a website and saw that they used this business, including cloud servers in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States.

Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth Discount code Price choice
2GB 2 cores 50GB SSD 2M FEB 69 yuan/month link
4GB 4-core 60GB SSD 3M OFF50 100 yuan/month link
8GB 4-core 70GB SSD 3M OFF50 200 yuan/month link

We can see some of the schemes sorted out above. The Hong Kong VPS host starts with 2G memory, 50GB SSD solid state disk, and 2M bandwidth, The CN2 optimized line is suitable for those we need to build stations. We need to use the corresponding discount code to get the discounted price. The third scheme provides four independent IP addresses. The first two schemes provide one IP address.

Second Megalayer

Lao Zuo, a Megalayer merchant, has only been contacted since last year. This merchant started early. The reason for contacting this merchant is that a netizen is using their Hong Kong server, which is still highly configured. Later on, they paid attention to this business, such as providing VPS in Hong Kong, VPS in the Philippines, and independent server cluster servers.

Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth flow Price choice
1GB 1 core 50GB SSD 2M Unlimited 59 yuan/month link
2GB 2 cores 50GB SSD 5M Unlimited 239 yuan/month link
4GB 2 cores 50GB SSD 5M Unlimited 289 yuan/month link

Lao Zuo saw that the basic solution of his home, Hong Kong VPS, was appropriate. If the high-end configuration was still expensive, he might as well choose his home's Hong Kong server. If the Philippine server or VPS is selected, pay attention to the bandwidth. There are international bandwidth and CN2 bandwidth. If the Chinese service is selected, CN2 is recommended.

Third, Jingwen Internet

JWDNS of Jingwen Internet has been a business for a long time. I remember that there is another brand in this business. I forgot a little, but this brand has been providing VPS and independent servers in Hong Kong for some time. Of course, it also includes multiple computer rooms in Japan, Singapore, and the United States.

Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth flow Price choice
1GB 2 cores 30GB SSD 3M 400GB 80 yuan/month link
2GB 4-core 40GB SSD 4M 600GB 158 yuan/month link
4GB 4-core 60GB SSD 5M 800GB 298 yuan/month link

In addition to Hong Kong ECS, Jingwen Internet JWDNS also has computer rooms in Japan, Singapore, etc., which can use discount codes( L4WJQ5JXOY )20% discount on the basic price. The above is the original price.

Fourth HostKVM

HostKVM merchants, if we understand them, should know that they are also domestic, and the default traditional Chinese that seems to be packaged is actually a domestic merchant. In addition, this company has many different brands to operate, so it is unnecessary to introduce other brands here. In any case, only one brand can be used, because all machines come from the same source, and only the strategies of businesses operate under multiple brands.

Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth flow Price choice
2GB 1 core 30GB 10Mbps 120GB $9.50/month link
4GB 2 cores 40GB 10Mbps 150GB $12.00/month link
4GB 2 cores 60GB 10Mbps 240GB $15.00/month link

We can see that the merchants also provide Hong Kong Global KVM scheme, but if it is Chinese business, it is recommended to choose Hong Kong CN2. The above is the original price, on the basis of which you can use the discount code( two thousand and twenty-one ), enjoy 20% discount.

Fifth, Aoyou host

Aoyou host company is also a brand operated by individual teams in China. The main reason is that it has been operating for a long time, and the company is certainly not large. It has existed for so many years and is often replaced due to some problems. We can see that there are many ECS servers in Hong Kong computer rooms provided by businesses, such as Hong Kong Tsuen Wan servers, Hong Kong Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong AliCloud CN2, Hong Kong Cloud Land, etc.

Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth flow Price choice
2GB 2 cores 40GB 10M in 5M out 200GB 60 yuan/month link
4GB 2 cores 40GB 15M in 6M out 400GB 76 yuan/month link
4GB 2 cores 60GB 15M in 8M out 600GB 135 yuan/month link

Here we can use the discount code: HAIXIUGE , enjoy 20% discount. Above is the discounted price.


In the circle, the merchants under the famous K Group were relatively active in the community in the early years, but now they are quite low-key. It is estimated that they are also doing other non IDC businesses in Zhunxin. Lao Zuo did see many old operators transform to other businesses. After all, there is not much market for IDC businesses that Alibaba Tencent has been tossing about, and the threshold for this industry is too low.

Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth flow Price choice
2GB 2 cores 30GB 2M 600GB 75 yuan/month link
4GB 3 cores 50GB 3M 800GB 145 yuan/month link
6GB 4-core 80GB 5M 1000GB 260 yuan/month link

KVMLA provides Shatian KTO two machine rooms. The above is the original price. You can use the discount code( 2JMQLEWGR6 )20% off.

Here, Lao Zuo will first sort out so many, and then add other Hong Kong VPS and Hong Kong ECS merchants I have used later if I have time. If we have other businesses or have a reputation for businesses, we can write an email to mention it.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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