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Latest Namecom discount code and tips (new registration/renewal discount/free privacy protection)

Namecom ( domain name registrars are relatively old overseas domain name businesses. If you remember correctly, they must have more than 10 years of operation history. But Lao Zuo can conclude that many netizens have never used this domain name registrar. After all, in recent years, we have seen that the prices of domain names provided by domestic domain name registrars and cloud service providers are not expensive. In the early years, the reason why we chose overseas domain name registrars was that they were too expensive in China and difficult to transfer and transfer. These problems are now beginning to decrease.

 Latest Namecom discount code and tips (new registration/renewal discount/free privacy protection)

However, when choosing a domain name for foreign trade website or overseas website business, we will still give priority to overseas domain name registrars. After all, we also know that domestic domain name registrars are strict sometimes, which will lead to the problem of domain names being blocked. In this article, Lao Zuo will sort out and look at the discount code of the Namecom domain name registrar and some commonly used tutorials and tips. official website

Currently, Name Com domain name registrars also support simplified Chinese and Alipay payment methods. However, Lao Zuo thinks that they changed a little late. Previously, they were only arrogant about credit cards and PAYPAL payment methods. If they had learned Godaddy and Namesilo merchants earlier, the market would not be so small.

First, domain name privacy protection is free

Discount code: PRIVACYPLEASE

Here is a tip. When choosing a domain name, we can buy it first and use the discount code to offset the payment. For the privacy protection coupon, we can add an order after the domain name is purchased, because the coupon codes are different and cannot be used together.

 Domain privacy protection free

We can see that only one preference code can be entered here. Of course, we can see that the domain privacy protection preference code can be used. But you can't use the domain name discount, so we should use it separately, and it is free for one year. We need to add another order the next year. Privacy protection can be added to the order after the domain name is purchased.

Second, domain name new registration discount code

Discount code: GETSTARTED

Offer for newly registered domain names. Regular domain names are supported COM and other suffix domain names.

Activate the discount code of the newly registered domain name, and you can see a 23% discount. We will keep certain updates here. If it is not easy to use, remember to notify.

Third, transfer in and renewal discount

Discount code: RENEW

If we need to renew the domain name, we can use this discount, which can save about 20%. At the same time, we support the domain name transfer discount.

Fourth, first order discount for new customers

Discount code: SAVE15

15% off the first order for new customers.

Fifth, virtual host annual payment discount

Discount code: HOSTING40

New purchase of virtual host will enjoy a 20% discount.

Finally, according to Lao Zuo's experience in using the Namecom merchant domain name, if we use Alipay to pay when registering the domain name, we should pay attention to the problem that it may require a second click to enter the menu due to network problems, which is prone to collapse. I have encountered this problem several times.

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