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The Interserver VPS is upgraded again, and the memory is doubled

Today, Lao Zuo accidentally saw some changes in the scheme while wandering the official website of Interserver. The minimum memory scheme SLINCE1 for OVZ and KVM is upgraded from the original 512N scheme to the 1G memory scheme at the same price. OVZ 1G scheme is 6 dollars per month, and KVM scheme is 8 dollars per month.

 Interserver memory upgrade

By the way, if it is an old user's memory, it can be upgraded to the current memory for free. You can refer to what Lao Zuo wrote before“ The method to upgrade the memory of Interserver VPS for free "; If you are a new user, you can use a credit card or PAYPAL to pay, or you can use a discount code in the first month if PayPal has not verified it 1cent It only costs 0.01 dollars to buy, and the original price will be renewed the next month.

Official website of Interserver:

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