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AlphaVPS - Bulgaria VPS host 512MB memory 128GB large hard disk € 15/year

AlphaVPS , a Bulgarian host company founded in 2013, which belongs to the host brand of DA International Group Ltd. VPS hosts based on OpenVZ and KVM architecture are provided. Data centers include New York, Los Angeles, London, Nuremberg, Germany, and its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. Los Angeles is currently only deployed on OpenVZ architecture products, and the minimum 2GB memory package will pay 19.99 euros annually. KVM or OpenVZ can be selected in Bulgaria, Germany, Britain and other regions.

 AlphaVPS newly added National Day preferential large hard disk SSD storage VPS annual payment of 15+euros

In March, we can see the latest promotion of AlphaVPS, AlphaVPS Large hard disk VPS Multiple machine rooms are optional, and the minimum annual payment is 15 euros.

First, large hard disk solution

KVM virtual, hard disk adopts HDD, raid60 array, 1Gbps bandwidth, and comes with an IPv4.

Memory CPU Hard disk flow Price choice
512MB 1 core 128GB 500GB/month € 15/year link
768MB 1 core 256GB 1TB/month € 25/year link
1GB 2 cores 512GB 1.5TB/month € 3.5/month link

Test IP: (Bulgaria) (UK) (Los Angeles)

Second, conventional scheme

The merchant updated some VPS host products this year and deleted some packages. We can see that the conventional package has 2GB of memory. Here are some configurations of the conventional VPS host packages.

Memory CPU Hard disk flow Price choice
2GB 2 cores 15GB 1TB/month € 19.99/year link
3GB 2 cores 20GB 1TB/month € 29.99/year link
4GB 4-core 25GB 1.5TB/month € 39.99/year link

If we need European VPS The host can look at this different vendor.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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