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Issues for new users' selection and use of HawkHost

If we are the older generation of individual webmasters, or have worked in foreign trade website business before, we must be familiar with HawkHost. If Lao Zuo is not mistaken, this hosting company should be able to support Alipay payment and enter our users' vision around 2012. At that time, there were many overseas hosts, but most of our overseas hosts could only be purchased through credit cards or PPs.

For most webmasters, this is very difficult to get, so there are even individual groups that purchase hosts on behalf of others. If the Hawk hosting company supports Alipay, the number of users is large, so the hosting company has been widely used among our users. During the Spring Festival, a netizen mentioned several problems when choosing and using the Eagle host. Here I will help some new users with the problems I encountered when I knew the business by simply listing them.

The explanation of the problem may not be comprehensive, but it can basically satisfy most new users. If there are other questions you need to know, you can also write to Lao Zuo or follow the public account to ask questions, and then answer them separately.

First, is the main engine of Eagle fast?

To be honest, even if Hawk hosts computer rooms in Hong Kong and Singapore, they are not directly connected lines, so the speed of Telecom and Unicom is average. It is said that the mobile speed is OK. The speed of other overseas computer rooms, including Los Angeles, is also average. It is not the CN2 optimized direct connection line that we are used to, so we should be prepared. If we are building a portal station, it can also be used, but the speed is not as fast as the direct connection speed of node computer rooms in Asia or China.

Second, how about other host products of Eagle

From the perspective of product solutions, Hawk hosts include virtual hosts, distribution hosts, cloud servers, etc., but generally we prefer to use virtual hosts. At a time when the virtual hosting company is still lonely, it is still available. For example, some of our foreign trade businesses need to use virtual hosts. After all, the content of Hawk hosts is relatively loose.

Third, whether the eagle host virtual host is unlimited

We can see that there are two solutions for the Hawk host, only the hard disk is limited, and there is no limit on the number of other sites and traffic. Is this true? Actually, Lao Zuo is also in“ Interpreting the Virtual Host with Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Hard Disk Size "The article mentioned some requirements for unlimited virtual hosts. In fact, the number of our files is too large, reaching the limit specified by TOS, or taking up too much resources, which is also limited. It is generally used normally.

Fourth, the host is not activated immediately after being enabled

When we select a host, we cannot use it immediately after payment. The host status we see is Pending, and we need to wait for some time to see ACTIVE before we can use it. This has always been the case. Merchants have strict control over the capital channel. We need to see if our payment method is formal. If it is appropriate, we can activate it. At that time, an email will tell us the host information.

Fifth, what does HawkHost usually do

In fact, we have asked some businesses that our domestic users still use more. Generally used for foreign trade websites, the performance is quite stable and the content is relatively loose. At the same time, some of our personal websites also use it. For example, Lao Zuo knows a well done and profitable webmaster who likes to use a virtual host to manage rather than a server.

Sixth Hawk host renewal problem

It is really cheap if there is a discount when the Hawk host is newly purchased, but it is the original price when it is renewed, not the preferential price. Therefore, we suggest that the purchase time should be as long as possible, such as two years. Then, before the expiration, we will buy another activity product and move the data to it.

To sum up, the above is a question about the Hawk host from a netizen during the Spring Festival a few days ago. I will simply sort it out.

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