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Open the Linode sub account and authorize VPS permissions

We all know that the price performance ratio of the Linode machine is very high, especially after the memory upgrade last year, users who used it to build a website still prefer to choose this machine business that was originally considered to be rich and handsome. In view of the fact that only credit cards can be used for payment, if you need to use this machine and do not have a credit card for payment, you can use a friend's account sub account, or find a Linode VPS with a generation gap. In general, sometimes the sub account is also open for sales (the difference between a sub account and an independent account is that the renewal must be made to the purchasing agent)

Today, a friend asked Lao Zuo if he could drive Linode sub account He needs to use this VPS. Considering that Laozuo's Linode account still has some money to use, he helped this friend open a sub account with monthly payment. This is the first time to use the Linode sub account, so record the process so that other friends can refer to it in the future.

First, add a new machine in the background of our account

 Add a Linode sub account

Click the "ADD A Linode" text link to enter into the guidance adding machine scheme.


Step 2: Add sub account


See the figure above to add a sub account.


Step 3: Set permissions


As shown in the figure above, authorization and related configurations will not be explained, just follow the figure above. Then check the sub account machine that we need to open for customers in ACCESS at the option of Linde Grants, that is, the new machine we have opened before, so that we can authorize.

Finally, as long as the customer logs in with the newly created sub account, he can freely manage the newly opened machine, which can be used to operate any VPS authority. If there are technical problems, he can find the official to solve them, not us. The only thing you don't have permission to do is renew your own account, because renewal is automatically deducted from the master account.

PS: If you need to use Linode to build a website, you can find Lao Zuo, who still has some money in his account.

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