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Several problems to be noticed by domain name transfer in and transfer out service providers

Lao Zuo met a netizen last week. He bought a virtual host a year ago, and the virtual host vendor indicated a free domain name in the package. In fact, many of our netizens have met this problem in their early years when using virtual hosts, including Lao Zuo. A domain name will be given as a gift when you buy an annual virtual host, and the domain name is only valid for one year. If you need to continue using the domain name in the next year, you need to renew it, but generally we see that the renewal price is really high.

 Several problems to be noticed by domain name transfer in and transfer out service providers

If our domain name doesn't matter if we continue to use it, let's leave it alone, as long as it is not automatically renewed. We can just throw it away. However, if you want to continue using this domain name and do not want to be renewed at a high price, you can choose to transfer it to another domain name registrar. Most of the domain names presented by host companies do not have many restrictions that will allow us to transfer out, but some businesses will restrict us to transfer out.

In this article, Lao Zuo shares an article about Domain name transfer out And the problems that the domain name registrar may encounter.

First, normal Domain name transfer out And transfer in

If our normal transfer out condition is to register a new domain name or adjust personal information, we can transfer out to any registrar only 60 days after we meet the ICANN policy. As long as we can unlock the domain name and obtain the transfer out code of the domain name, we can generally operate this directly on the domain name panel.

As long as the domain name is unlocked, WHOIS protection is contacted, and the transfer out code is obtained, we can transfer out by ourselves. Although some businesses will indicate in the terms that they are not allowed to transfer out or must transfer out before the expiration, in fact, as long as the domain name has not expired, it can be transferred out even the day before.

Second, possible problems

It is not ruled out that many webmasters of our netizens have collected some cheap domain names and domain names presented by the host. However, we can't get the transfer code when we unlock it, and the merchants will limit it. At this time, we must depend on our own luck. If the business does not allow the transfer, then we have no way. If the merchant is an ICANN certification registrar or an authorized channel, we can complain to the merchant of ICANN or the channel where the domain name is located, and we can obtain a compulsory license.

Third Domain name transfer in And transfer out time

As long as our domain name has been newly registered for more than 60 days, and our domain name can be transferred out before it expires. However, we need to see the change of our personal information, which must be 60 days later. So before we transfer out the domain name, don't modify the information randomly. If you are sure to transfer out the domain name, we only need to wait no more than five working days to automatically transfer out the domain name to the corresponding merchant.

To sum up, Laozuo suggested that we try to choose high-quality businesses to register domain names, and not too cheap, and finally we were pulled.

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