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Record how to install xrdp in Ubuntu 20.04 system to realize desktop RDP

Many of our netizens may be familiar with the RDP protocol, which is the Microsoft Remote Desktop protocol. We can connect to another computer or computer remotely for graphical operations. This is what we often use when connecting a local computer to a Windows server for remote management. In this article, we will introduce how to install XRDP in Linux (Ubuntu) to realize desktop RDP connection.

It is common to install the familiar GNOME on the server, and then install xrdp for remote connection. Here Lao Zuo simply records the installation process.

First, install GNOME desktop

Of course, when configuring the server, we can use the latest version of Ubuntu 20.04. Of course, we have installed it on 18.04 before. We will not talk about the installation environment of the server, but install the GNOME desktop directly.

sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop

After installation, we restart the server.

Second, install XRDP

apt install xrdp

Then we log in to the Ubuntu SSH server again and install xrdp. Then we also need to set the port open pass.

sed -i 's/3389/13389/g' /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini
ufw allow 13389

If some of our servers have security group settings, we also need to release ports on the server security group port. It is useless not only to release ports on the server.

Third, restart takes effect

systemctl restart xrdp

Then we can restart XRDP to take effect. In this way, we can use remote RDP software to connect. Here we can use the tools provided with the WIN computer or the separate client tools.

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