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SugarHosts Traditional VPS Scheme Memory Double Upgrade No Price Increase

Lao Zuo received it today sugarhosts vps According to the upgrade email sent by the service provider, the traditional SATA VPS scheme adopts the upgrade strategy of increasing the quantity without increasing the price. The kernel is upgraded from the original one core to two cores, and the memory is upgraded from the 512M scheme of the lowest scheme to the 1G scheme. It seems that since 2014, no one who is still selling the 512M scheme is shy of saying hello to others.

CPU/memory: 2 CPU cores, 1024MB RAM
Hard disk configuration: 60G SATA
Flow limit: 1T flow

The minimum solution is 1G memory and 2T monthly traffic. There are data centers in Los Angeles and Germany. In particular, the speed of the Los Angeles data center is relatively good for the speed of Chinese webmasters. The average PING is about 160 yuan, and the monthly payment price is 69 yuan, SAVLAOZUO10 10% discount can be given for the first month of the discount code. If it is an annual payment scheme, 10% discount will be given automatically without using the discount code to pay directly.

SugarHosts official website address:
Preferential description: monthly payment can be used SAVLAOZUO10 10% off in the first month, original price in the next month; It is recommended to pay annually. 10% discount will be given automatically for total orders paid annually. No discount code is required.

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