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How to select domain name and CMS theme for personal blog

Once upon a time, when learning to build a website, I used HTML to build a personal website, and then used it to blog CMS, including Z-Blog, PJBLOG, WORDPRESS and other professional blog CMS programs. Ordinary users must be the same as Laozuo. At the beginning, they prefer to pursue a gorgeous interface theme, and then they may choose which CMS program because of a gorgeous theme. This may also be why WORDPRESS is one of the most attractive programs to users at present, and of course, it is also the reason why many personal webmasters establish WP theme websites that are popular.

With the accumulation of network age, our personal webmaster will Blog Theme It tends to be simple. We can look at bloggers who are writing or have been writing. The theme is relatively simple, and there are no gorgeous pictures or decorations, except for the effect of user experience. Laozuo suggested that, Blog Theme The choice is simple, good user experience, no need for gorgeous effects, small resource occupation, so that users can see the real content of the blog at a glance, rather than gorgeous pictures.

When it comes to blog topics, let's talk about the choice of blog domain names. I have mentioned this problem in other blog posts before, such as your English name or Chinese name, which must be remembered.

First, the choice of suffix

Personal blog Best COM suffix, choose carefully ORG or NET suffix; The popular country suffix is also good, especially The ME suffix is more suitable for personal blog domain names.

Second, prefix selection

Personalized, catchy and cautious in English. If you are working in a foreign-funded enterprise or communicating with foreigners, you can use the same English name circle as your own name, most of which can be next to your own name, such as Laozuo Laozuo.

Third, length

The domain name is generally recommended to be about 5-6 characters long. If it is longer, it can be abbreviated.

In a word, personal blogs are concise, grand and rich, rather than high-profile, gorgeous and local tyrants.

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