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Cheap telecom campus card application 2 years, 500 yuan, 20 GB general traffic, 30 GB directional traffic

With the development of Video We Media, more and more traffic will be used by our mobile phones. In the past, Lao Zuo remembered that he could not use up 1-2 GB of traffic every month, but now he needs at least 20 GB of traffic every month. And the old card package was still expensive, but it was not easy to change the card because many businesses were tied to it. Of course, we can also transfer the card to the network by carrying the number. However, the traffic is still insufficient.

So we see that many people's mobile phones have a second card slot. Generally, the second card slot will use the secondary card of the flow card. For example, we have seen Dabao Card, Xiaobao Card, Dawang Card, Rice Noodle Card and so on before. However, the previous packages did have good general traffic. I also handled the big treasure card of Unicom before, but now the big treasure card does not support general traffic, only directional traffic. General traffic needs to be charged separately.

This Beijing Telecom campus card package can be applied nationwide according to the introduction. With monthly 20GB general traffic and 30GB directional traffic, it is really cost-effective to pay 300 yuan per year and 500 yuan per two years.

If we need to apply, we can apply online.


According to the product introduction:

1. 300 yuan a year (13 months), 500 yuan two years (25 months)

2. According to the package we choose, it will be paid annually or biennially, and the real name needs to be verified online. In the future, it will be charged into the account in the form of free fee every month to deduct the monthly fee, and there is no need to charge the phone bill again. (Do not exceed the quantity)

3. Domestic general traffic: 20G, exclusive APP directional traffic: 30G

4. Domestic voice: 500 minutes/month

5. Excess traffic: within 3G (5 yuan 1G), greater than 3G (3 yuan 1G).

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