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Whether cross-border e-commerce websites adopt independent websites or platform based self-service websites

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many of our industries are still relatively difficult. For example, the business related to trade is still shrinking. So many traditional companies or trading companies have begun to choose or deeply choose to join trade marketing. In particular, the layout of cross-border e-commerce business used to rely on existing customer groups or traditional domestic trade business, but our company has also started to expand foreign trade enterprise services since this year.

 Whether cross-border e-commerce websites adopt independent websites or platform based self-service websites

Generally, our foreign trade enterprise websites or B2C businesses will choose to be independent Cross border e-commerce website Or businesses based on third-party platforms, such as EBAY, Amazon, and Alibaba's international websites, sell services and business products. A few days ago, a customer mentioned whether he would choose an independent cross-border e-commerce website or a website business based on a third-party platform. In fact, each has its own advantages and characteristics. Here, Lao Zuo comes to talk about his personal views.

First, independence Cross border e-commerce website characteristic

Independent cross-border e-commerce websites are based on English corporate websites. Our traditional Chinese website will suggest customers to build a separate English website, or be eager to build a secondary domain name website. It is not recommended to switch languages directly from Chinese to English, which is more professional. The independent cross-border e-commerce website is characterized by its independence. We can customize the website as needed and control the content and settings of the website ourselves.

In addition, if the website is independent, we have greater personalization, and we will not rely on the platform when operating. For example, the platform needs to pay or the platform needs various recharges to get good rankings and traffic.

Second, the characteristics of third-party platform websites

At present, we can also see that third-party platforms such as EBAY, Amazon, Alibaba International Station and SHOPIFY have trading platforms that provide goods and services. As well as the platform that can build a website by itself. The characteristic of such platforms is that they will have their own traffic base based on our products and services. After all, these platforms themselves are well-known. We will recommend services and products according to our free or paid conditions.

Different from our independent websites, we need to do marketing promotion SEO to get traffic. At the same time, the third-party platform is also characterized by convenient account management. The platform provides a relatively complete payment interface and management interface. Of course, there are limitations. For example, we need to pay for services or deduct certain fees from the payment platform.

Third, the combination of the two marketing

Generally speaking, for those specialized in foreign trade business, our third-party platform accounts will also choose several according to the actual effect. After all, different platforms have different traffic bases and can get different inquiries and customers. At the same time, we sometimes choose third-party platforms to build our own websites, including independent websites on our official website.

That is to say, there is no single model for cross-border e-commerce business of foreign trade. Instead, we need to choose from multiple channels and obtain traffic, such as the mobile terminal and PC terminal today. There is no way. Today's traffic channels are diversified.

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