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On the Double 11 in 2020, Alibaba Cloud will greatly promote the collection - 100 million yuan allowance collection/low price for new comers/recharge rebate

As scheduled, Alibaba Cloud's Double 11 campaign started in a big hurry. Many of us have seen that other similar manufacturers have already started their promotional activities. This year's Alibaba Cloud campaign started a little late. In fact, Alibaba Cloud's activities are still a little bad inheritance of their routine cloud tradition. Intentionally release the activity information, and then delay the start of the best group building activity, which makes many new users waste their new qualification.

In any case, Alibaba Cloud's activities have been released. Here, Lao Zuo has sorted out Alibaba Cloud's "Double 11" collection in 2020. If we need to renew fees, purchase new cloud servers and cloud products, we can see which activities we participate in. For example, Lao Zuo also has an ECS that needs to be renewed, and has prepared a new account to purchase the hot money, to see which is suitable for us.

 Alibaba Cloud will greatly promote the collection of Double 11 in 2020

The activity ends on November 11. If we have friends in need, we can have a look.

First, participate in the group activities

Activity address: Double 11 is the main activity of participating in the group competition (Recommended)

If we are a new Alibaba Cloud user (the best), we can participate in the new comers' group activities, and then we can enjoy the promotional activities of the best money. For example, the 4G3M configuration of ECS only costs about 600 yuan in three years. If there are no new users, we should also find a way, and the discount for old users is small.

Second, the main venue of the Double 11

Activity address: Participate in the activities of the main venue of the Double Tenth Festival

At the main venue of Alibaba Cloud on the Double 11 Festival, we can see the activities of new people and enterprise users from the public, and the popularity of various cloud products. Cloud database, cloud server, CDN and other services.

Third, preferential treatment for newcomers

Activity address: Exclusive discount for Alibaba Cloud Double 11 newcomers

We are the first choice for newcomers to join the delegation, and then look at other preferential activities for newcomers. For example, ECS, cloud database, cloud storage, and enterprise applications are all optional.

The above is the AliCloud Double 11 product activity organized by Lao Zuo. We can participate in the treasure chest opening AliCloud voucher Authenticated users draw cloud red packets and enjoy discount and deduction.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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