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How to simply evaluate the speed line of Indian hosts of BlueHost merchants

Many of our webmasters are certainly familiar with BlueHost hosting companies. In the early years, when foreign trade websites were built crazily, they basically chose BlueHost hosting companies. They provided a configured virtual host (unlimited). Later, due to changes in market demand and the company's adjustment, the company now belongs to EIG. Moreover, we can see that BH host companies operate separately at home and abroad. The Chinese website company is set up in Shanghai, and the products are also in line with domestic consumers as far as possible.

For example, we have seen that BlueHost host manufacturers provide India host , Hong Kong hosts, European hosts, including VPS hosts, independent servers, etc. In this article, Lao Zuo wants to mention their Indian host products. We all know that the Indian market has a large population, and many domestic host companies have set up computer rooms in other parts of Asia, mainly for foreign trade needs. It is directly explained here that the Indian host computer room of Bluehost host is not suitable for our Chinese website. But they are also set up for India's foreign trade market.

If we need to do Indian foreign trade station building business, we can choose Indian host. Later, Lao Zuo will also introduce whether there are other host companies. It seems that some domestic companies still do a lot of overseas business, and they are deploying overseas computer rooms.

First, India host scheme

At present, we can see BlueHost merchants India Virtual Host There are three configurations of Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. Windows and Linux systems can be selected. There are still some differences in the configuration, such as the number of stations. For example, Scheme C gives free independent IP.

Official website:

We choose the virtual host of BH host company, and can use the BH discount code to enjoy a 30% discount.

Second, PING speed test

It should be mentioned here that the Indian host is not directly connected to China, so it is not suitable for Chinese websites. For Chinese websites, we recommend Hong Kong hosts. They have Hong Kong virtual hosts and Hong Kong VPS cloud servers.

 How to simply evaluate the speed line of the Indian host of the BlueHost merchant - Sheet 1

We can see that if the PING node is Chinese, the speed is average, and if the circle is Indian, it is acceptable.

Third, routing test

For routing test, I also randomly select other Asian nodes of online tools, including local nodes in India.

 How to simply evaluate the speed line of the Indian host of the BlueHost merchant - sheet 2

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