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WordPress Baidu quick and ordinary submission plug-in - LaoBuLuo Baidu Submit

At present, we are the webmaster of more websites, but we still use the WordPress program. The main reason is that we can find more free themes and plug-ins. Basically, we just need to buy a host and domain name to quickly build our own website. But whether we can operate a successful website depends on our own ability. The main problem of our website is whether the website can be included. After all, the most traffic of our website is still from search engines.

Of course, the most important factor in making a website is the quality of the content, and the second is whether additional tools are needed. In this article, Lao Zuo introduces this LaoBuLuo Baidu Submit Baidu submission plug-in The function is also based on the API submission interface provided by the Baidu webmaster tool background, without logging into the Baidu webmaster tool background directly, and after binding our TOKEN D, you can achieve fast and ordinary submission of WordPress programs.

Plug in download address:

If you need to install, you can directly search [LaoBuLuo Baidu Submit] from the WordPress official website to find the download and activate the installation.

Turn on the plug-in, and then set TOKEN. You can choose to turn on quick recording and general recording. Because the check items can only be seen on the right side of the article editor after it is opened, we can select the corresponding check items when we are ready to submit the article. It should be noted here that quick inclusion is not available on all websites that add Baidu tools, and it needs to meet certain conditions to apply, but ordinary inclusion is possible.

We can also submit the URL addresses (of course, those of the website) that need to be submitted in batch. In fact, we can see this function in the background of Baidu webmaster. Here, this plug-in can be directly used in the background of plug-ins, which is relatively convenient.

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