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Solve the problem of "Migration backend is currently not available for this VPS"

When we netizens choose some servers, some of them support direct online replacement and migration to other computer rooms. Some businesses are not allowed, which mainly depends on the specific policies of the businesses. If our business supports users to migrate their own computer rooms, and we need to ensure that the current server is allowed to migrate, then it can be operated. However, in the process of operation, some netizens feedback that there is an error prompt such as "Migration backend is currently not available for this VPS. Please try again".

What is the problem?

According to the feedback of existing users and our detection, there are two possible problems.

First, there is no margin for the migration server

If we want to migrate from server A to machine room B, we cannot migrate to machine room B if there is no margin. That is to say, if there is no vacancy and there is a full load, we cannot migrate. What we can do is to choose C or D machine rooms for migration.

Second, the current server is faulty

Most of the so-called current server failures may be caused by the downtime of our current server, the sealing of the server IP, or other problems, which prevent us from migrating. Then we need to contact the official to see whether it can be solved manually or whether it can be migrated only after the IP address is unsealed and replaced.

In a word, it is not terrible to encounter the error prompt. We just need to follow the error prompt and solve it.

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