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Does the ECS choose Ubuntu or Debian image system? Select according to familiarity

When we choose ECS, we also have some problems with the selection of image system. Of course, there are absolutely no such problems for old users. On the one hand, we can choose according to our familiarity. You can choose what you usually use. We can also customize and install our own image system according to the actual needs of some friends. Of course, if some of our programs and systems explicitly require compatibility with the image of a certain system, we will definitely choose compatibility requirements.

At noon today, a friend asked Lao Zuo which image system I usually use. I used to prefer to use CENTOS. Later, I felt that some commands were different after the release of 7.0, and some software needed to be recompiled to install. Later, I learned from other netizens to use Debian or Ubuntu system images.

In fact, when we use Ubuntu, we find that there are many similarities between Ubuntu and Debian. How do we choose the image? In this article, Lao Zuo shares with you the differences between Ubuntu and Debian images, as well as suggestions for selection.

First, the origin of mirror image

The ubuntu system is based on the unstable or testing branch of Debian, and some software packages from Debian have been modified to make them more suitable for desktop use. At the same time, the installation process is optimized to make Ubuntu easier to install. Because Ubuntu has made great changes to Debian, Ubuntu has established its own software repository. But most of these software packages are directly synchronized from Debian software warehouse without modification. Of course, some software is obtained directly from upstream developers and packaged by Ubuntu developers. But these two situations are not many. Ubuntu is also a free software distribution. However, in the first few years of Ubuntu, the relationship between the two communities is not very good because we have not talked with Debian developers about what the system should look like and the feedback channel from Ubuntu to Debian is not very smooth.

come from: ~happyaron/udc-cn/lucid-html/ch11s09.html

Second, for installation and stability

If we are going to install software in the server, both are OK. We can only say that if we choose to install the Ubuntu system, it will be more open. For example, basically the software we need can be installed directly through apt. And for the desktop, we see many Linux desktops, and the Ubuntu desktop system is more rich in aesthetics.

Lao Zuo's personal suggestion is that if we choose Ubuntu and Debian, if our system resources are relatively loose and we want to install software easily, we recommend installing the former. In fact, we have seen many foreign technical documents, and Ubuntu is relatively abundant.

To sum up, when we select the image of the server to build the site, first we should look at the compatible version of the program, and then select the image based on the program system. Secondly, according to our familiarity, we can use whichever you normally use. If we are new, I personally suggest that we use ubuntu if it is easier. In this way, it is easier to find solutions in some documents.

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