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Installation and demonstration of self built image storage platform using Hellohao graphic bed program

More and more of our friends want to separate images, attachments and website servers to store them, which can reduce the load and bandwidth occupation of the server, and make our management more convenient. For example, when we are backing up the website, if we repeatedly download all the pictures of the website every time, it is actually very troublesome. In fact, our website programs are fixed, and the database MYSQL is not stored in the root directory in the form of a file. Some friends even use the cloud database.

In other words, if we use object storage to separate images and attachments from website programs, it is also easy to backup and switch. But some friends said that when we use object storage, the cost is high, and we don't know how much traffic is deducted. So some friends like to use self built graph beds in servers, which can save costs. After all, some servers do not limit traffic according to bandwidth.

In this article, what Lao Zuo needs to introduce is Hello map bed Hellohao drawing bed Program). At present, it provides free functions, and we can directly deploy them to the server. Let's take a look at the basic functions.

 Installation and demonstration of self built image storage platform using Hellohao graphic bed program

First, support for the installation environment of halo graphic bed

The graphic bed needs to be installed to support JDK 1.8 and MySQL 5.5+. We can use the pagoda panel or one click installation script to install it conveniently. Of course, if we have strong capabilities, we can also use our own compilation, but I personally do not recommend it. After all, it is very mature now. Why should we be so tired?

Hellohao drawing bed SpringBoot is an open source image hosting program based on multiple object storage sources. The program is built using Spring Boot. It is more convenient for users to manage their own image management expansion functions, and supports docking with local. At the same time, we can also support docking with third-party object storage, including NetEase, Ali, Youpai, Qiniu, Tencent, FTP, u-file, B2 and other object storage.

II. Installation method of halo chart bed

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash

We need to rely on the java environment to support deployment.

yum install java-1.8*

This method is simple and direct, but if we cannot install it, we need to check whether it supports the environment, or we can use the manual deployment method.

We first download the compilation package, and then go to our environment to install and create the database picturebed. Select utf8 for the character set, and then import the picturebed.sql database. We test on the pagoda panel.

Then you need to search for tomcat in the application store of the pagoda panel and select tomcat 8 version to download and install.

Open to change the connection information such as MySQL and server port to your server information (The port number can be changed or not, provided that other programs are not occupied).

#Database account picturebed
#Database password
#Database link address
spring.datasource.url=jdbc: mysql://localhost:3306/picturebed?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf8&serverTimezone=GMT%2B8
Expression=0 30 04 * * ?

#The configuration items below do not need to be modified.
mybatis.mapper-locations=classpath:mapper/*.xml HH:mm:ss
spring.thymeleaf.mode = LEGACYHTML5
spring.http.multipart.location=/data/upload_ tmp

Jdk1.8, MySQL databases, and configuration files. Then we create a new javaweb directory under the system directory/home
Put Tbed.jar and in the directory you just created on the server:/home/javaweb. Note that these two files must be in the same directory and cannot be separated.

After that, we need to execute the command to start.

cd /home/javaweb

java -jar Tbed.jar

Then we can see the project information.

We need to pass port 8088, if we need to set a security group. Then the user name and password are both admin to log in to the graph bed. Download address of the latest compilation package:

If necessary, we can install and deploy our own Free graphic bed program Site, so that we can manage static files in the server or linked object storage.

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