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Apply for Huawei virtual machine experience for free and claim 1000 yuan of bonus recharge

Recently, domestic VM vendors have been running rampant, from Alibaba Cloud to Tencent Cloud to the 24th Huawei VM The domestic merchants are very busy with the delivery plan. Such accumulated competition is bound to reduce costs and provide services to the domestic host market, and our users will definitely benefit from it. Today, Lao Zuo was lucky to see Huawei VM I also took some time to apply for the preferential activity plan of. I hope it will be approved in 3 days. If you need it, you can join me.


Activity topic page:

This activity is jointly launched with the webmaster's home. During the activity, if users apply for a limited amount of Huawei virtual machine experience, they will get a sponsorship amount of up to 1000 yuan to enjoy the purchase of Huawei virtual machine products of any scheme.

How to obtain Huawei VM qualification:

First, click the above figure to log in to the activity topic page and register an account. When registering an account, you must start with ZZ_. If you register with other accounts, you will not enjoy the policy;

Second, if you want to obtain 1000 yuan of sponsorship, you must recharge 8 yuan after account registration;

Third, in three working days, the official will contact us to review the account, give us the qualification to experience virtual machine, and give us a reward of 1000 yuan for users who recharge 8 yuan.

Huawei VM registration tutorial:


Two issues should be noted when registering an account:

First, accounts that must begin with ZZ_;

Second, the mobile phone activation number must be China Telecom or China Unicom, and the mobile phone currently cannot receive the verification SMS;

Third, after registration, we need to activate the account in the mailbox, which must be activated within 48 hours, otherwise it will become invalid;


If we want to get a reward of 1000 yuan, we must recharge 8 yuan in the background. If you do not recharge, you will not get a reward of 1000 yuan. Laozuo suggested that you can get 1000 yuan for 8 yuan, and you can buy a virtual machine for several months at least.

PS: I have roughly looked at the package price in the lower and lower background. The minimum scheme of 1 year bonus can be used to configure virtual machine for 1000 yuan. It's still very good.

Activity topic page:

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