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504 gateway time-out problem occurs on the static page generated by dream weaving CMS program

Today, when Lao Zuo was looking through the public account messages, he saw that netizens mentioned that they were building a website for the cloud server they had purchased in the past few days 504 Gateway time-out Of course, the main problem is that they will certainly blame the host company. So Lao Zuo helped to find out what the problem was.

First, the status of the website program

Lao Zuo saw that this student used Zhimeng CMS, which is often called DEDECMS. It is a relatively old and free PHP CMS program that is no longer updated. Lao Zuo also likes this program. In addition to the poor security of its interactive function, it is quite simple to use when configuring templates. Previously, he used this CMS program when building websites in the company.

The DEDECMS program is particularly suitable for content based websites, and this student is also used to collect content. I saw that he had about tens of thousands of data in the background, all of which were collected. After generating the HTML page, there was no problem for a while, and then 504 Gateway time-out problems would appear.

Second, the server configuration problem

When we see the above problem, many friends must have guessed that the problem is that too much data is not enough server configuration. So I looked at his server configuration. It was a 1G1M Hong Kong server. Although Lao Zuo mentioned in the previous article that the 1G1M server can establish personal websites and write personal blogs without problems, if you collect data, even tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of data, it may not be a problem to collect and store data slowly. If it is a one-time production HTML, it will certainly not work.

Third, solution attempts

Here, Lao Zuo proposed several solutions. One is that when we generate static files, we should not generate them all at once. We can generate them slowly by columns. If you generate tens of thousands of files at a time, it will not work.

Secondly, we need to tune the NGINX configuration and slightly increase the following parameters.

The configuration parameters are slightly optimized, but this is not a complete solution. What we need to do is to upgrade the server configuration. You need 4G3M or so.

Finally, this student solved the problem after upgrading the server configuration and using the column upgrade. The 504 Gateway time-out problem has not occurred yet.

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