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Price performance selection of several mainstream Hong Kong cloud server vendors during the 618 event

Many friends are actually preparing to buy ECS and other cloud products during the 618 promotion, but we can easily find that the price of the event is not the same as that of the 618 event, whether it is cloud server businesses or traditional e-commerce platforms, or even various We Media live broadcast platforms. Nowadays, the strategy of merchants is to have activities all the year round, and they don't know when to offer discounts. So we found that many friends need to buy Hong Kong ECS Yes, but actually 618 didn't see the best products in the promotional activities.

For example, we saw that Alibaba Cloud's activities this year were not ineffective, and there was no promotion for Hong Kong's cloud server rooms. All of them were server rooms in mainland China. For Tencent Cloud, the discount of enterprise merchants is relatively strong. The personal user Hong Kong server 1G1M is 528 yuan in three years. Other high configuration users have not seen it. Of course, new users are needed. Many friends have no new users.

Huawei cloud businesses also have activities this year, and the server room in Hong Kong has also been online, but the 1G1M activity requires about 400 yuan, which is not competitive. If a netizen asks Lao Zuo which one is more suitable to buy Hong Kong ECS. At present, there are two personal recommendations.

First, UCloud Hong Kong ECS

UCloud merchants have also developed for several years, but only in these years have they begun to turn to their personal vision. Previously, the company mainly provided enterprise services, and the price was also quite expensive. If it was not an event, I guess I would not like it personally. This activity is quite powerful. Hong Kong ECS pays 150 yuan annually and 450 yuan for three years, but this configuration scheme has been taken off the shelf.

At present, we see that the UCloud Hong Kong ECS is a 2-core 4GB memory 2M bandwidth, with an annual payment of 500 yuan and a three-year payment of 1400 yuan. This configuration is quite good. If we need Hong Kong ECS, Lao Zuo personally suggests buying this one. Here is a tip. You must select a configuration that is consistent with the activity configuration, and you need to get automatic discount first.

UCloud merchant activities: UCloud Global ECS Discount

The first order of a new user is required to purchase. If we are going to use it for a long time, it is recommended to buy it for three years at a time, which is more affordable, and we can choose an 8-core 16GB10M bandwidth configuration, CN2 line, which is good.

 Price performance selection of several mainstream Hong Kong ECS merchants during the 618 event - page 1

Second, Tencent Cloud Basic Hong Kong Server

Tencent Cloud was slightly disappointed this time that it did not provide a highly configured Hong Kong cloud server. We see that it is a 1G1M three-year 528 yuan server, but I personally think it can still be used, not to mention what can not be done with 1M bandwidth. If you do, there must be no problem with a website, and traffic can be hundreds of thousands.

Moreover, the CPU of Tencent ECS is 100% resource open, unlike Alibaba Cloud, which has restrictions on T5 and T6.

Activity address: Tencent Cloud Mid Year 618 Promotion Event Venue

 Price performance selection of several mainstream Hong Kong ECS merchants during the 618 event - sheet 2

We can see the specific activity time. There are about two periods of time every day when Hong Kong servers are active. Of course, new users are also needed.

In conclusion, if we netizens need Hong Kong ECS, only these two are worth choosing.

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