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Five simple and practical VPS performance testing methods

We are impressed by the price and configuration performance of various VPS evaluation blogs, as well as the preferential information of various preferential VPS in some advertising channels. When choosing, we should refer to some users' comments and their own evaluation standards. The most practical way is to use the following simple and practical VPS performance test The method is to check the performance of the VPS product we are going to choose. If it is within the range of our own optional standards, we should choose it. If we think it is not possible, we should give up.

First, CPU, memory and hard disk detection

 Cat/proc/cpuinfo (View CPU information) Cat/proc/meminfo (view memory information) Df - lh (View hard disk information)

This command can see whether the VPS CPU information we purchased is the same as the official standard. Sometimes the information we told us is different from the actual detection.

Second, hard disk IO performance test

 dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=4k oflag=dsync dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=8k count=256k conv=fdatasync

On“ VPS performance test tool 3: dd hard disk read/write command "The use of this command and the specific performance comparison are described in detail.

Third, UB run test

On“ VPS performance test tool 2: UnixBench "The UB run score test method was introduced. You can test the performance according to your own run score. If the score is lower than 100, it will be about 400.

Fourth, WGET download test


Test the download speed.

Fifth, PING and TOP test

After we get the VPS IP address, we can use a third-party PING tool to ping test the speed, or on our local machine, we can ping test the speed of the reactor machine. If we do a Chinese site, we can generally ping within 250, which is acceptable. Some machines have high ping speed, but the opening speed is good. So PING can only be a reference.

We can also use the top command to test the CPU usage (see the extension: Detection of MySQL overload and solutions (explain SSH TOP commands in detail)

In conclusion, the performance comparison of this machine can be basically tested through the above five methods and reference commands.

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