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JWDNS Jingwen Internet Japan Tokyo VPS host 1GB/30Mbps/400GB monthly fee 70 yuan

JWDNS Jingwen Internet It is also one of the more established cloud server providers in China. Currently, it provides cloud servers in Hong Kong, Japan, Tokyo, Singapore and Los Angeles, as well as physical servers and advanced anti DDoS CDN services. Lao Zuo had an article about his home's Osaka cloud server in Japan before. Recently, he found that the speed delay was very serious, especially the packet loss at night. Then an inquiry official found that the Osaka ECS had been taken off the shelf, so no subsequent optimization was carried out on the line.

notice Jingwen Internet The Japanese ECS has a Tokyo machine room, so we are going to replace the original Osaka server with a Tokyo server. At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, businesses originally VPS, Tokyo, Japan If the host is upgraded to CN2 line, a slight delay may be required. At present, check the performance of CN2 lines without CN2. In this article, let's first look at the relevant configurations of ECS.

First, Jingwen Internet's cloud server configuration in Tokyo, Japan

We can see that Jingwen Internet has a 1G, dual core CPU starting configuration in its Tokyo computer room, with a bandwidth of 30Mbps, but there is a traffic limit.

At present, the merchants provide cloud servers in Osaka, Japan, Hong Kong CN2, Singapore, and the US computer room, and can use all the discount codes L4WJQ5JXOY 20% discount, ECS requires double memory for annual payment work order.

Second, ECS test IP address

Hong Kong CN2 network test:
Tokyo network test: (CN2 will be launched soon)
US CN2 network test:
Singapore network test:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Tokyo computer room, which was supposed to adjust the CN2 line in the spring, will be slightly delayed. At the same time, it will also re optimize the CN2 line in Hong Kong, China. Therefore, it is recommended to select Hong Kong CN2 and Tokyo computer rooms.

Third, Jingwen Internet Japan Tokyo computer room test

Here I will simply test the performance of Jingwen Internet's computer room in Tokyo, Japan.

1. PING speed test

2. Random node download speed

 JWDNS Jingwen Internet Japan Tokyo VPS host 1GB/30Mbps/400GB monthly fee 70 yuan

In conclusion, the speed is much better than that of the previous Jingwen Internet Osaka computer room. If we have used their Osaka computer room before, we can ask the merchant if they can change it to Tokyo computer room. For their family Hong Kong VPS For the host, we can refer to the previous evaluation.

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