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Discuss whether to use pagoda panel or LNMP environment package for website construction ECS

yesterday lefty In the group, I saw netizens discussing whether to use the pagoda panel or the LNMP one button package environment to build the site. Everyone has their own words. Netizens who prefer the former mentioned that the pagoda panel is relatively mature at present and has complete functions for visual installation, but the latter LNMP may require script installation, including the operation and maintenance of SHELL script, which is difficult for most Netizens who cannot operate and maintain.

In fact, for Lao Zuo, the current O&M customers include the company's business requirements. If it is delivered to the customer for management, I will also install visual panels such as pagoda panels. If it is our own O&M management, there are more environments to install LNMP scripts. The former is because customers generally do not operate scripts, Visual operation will be easier for them, at least not so mysterious. I have sorted out whether to choose pagoda panel or LNMP environment package for our ECS website construction, and some users can refer to it if they have difficulties in choosing.

First, the application and advantages of pagoda panels

From the early WDCP panel to the current popular pagoda panel. Even though there is a professional paid version of the pagoda panel at present, the free version for basic users is enough. We can choose to install some paid plug-ins, but don't believe too much. Especially some security plug-ins have good functions, but many people will cause the file to be strictly unable to modify after installation.

It is really convenient to visually install and manage the website on the pagoda panel. For example, we can multitask to install the PHP version and install the management site, including our management site and data. Laozuo (LAOZUO. ORG) personally suggested that if we need to install the pagoda panel, we should configure it above 2GB+memory server. Compared with script deployment of WEB, the panel will take up more resources.

The pagoda panel is more suitable for those who are not familiar with SHELL script installation and deployment of WEB. We can directly use it as a website building tool. We don't need to spend too much time on operation and maintenance technology. We can build a website after we get started and focus on website operation.

Second, the advantages of LNMP faceless environment package apply

Some group friends mentioned that there are almost no LNMP users at present, which is wrong. In fact, if we have been playing with the server or have some scripting ability, we may prefer to use scripts such as LNMP to deploy environment packages without panels. On the one hand, we may highlight the technology, and at the same time, we can deploy and install the component support we need during the installation process, because in fact, as long as the site is built, it does not need too much management in the panel.

At the same time, compared with the version without panel such as LNMP, it has few functions but is practical and has better security than the WEB environment with panel. Basically, as long as the security of the software source is ensured, there will be no too many panel vulnerabilities.

In a word, for our website users, the first thing we should consider is not which panel to build a website, but which one you can use most directly and quickly to achieve the effect you need. You can just build a website and operate it directly. There is no need to spend too much time on the deployment panel and management server. We can learn more about operation and maintenance when we have the ability and time to build a station in the future, and then choose which panel to build a station when the project operation is not affected.

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