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Possible problems in upgrading WordPress 5.3 official version and a safe way to upgrade WordPress

Looking at the CMS programs used by our individuals and enterprises to build websites, most of them are WordPress. Its feature is that it has a relatively open application and theme platform, which can basically meet the needs of most users for selecting functions and themes. At the same time, WordPress is constantly trying to upgrade and improve to meet the needs of users. In this regard, CMS of other individuals or companies cannot do it, especially free open source CMS, which gives up maintenance and update when there is a certain bottleneck and no benefit. This is also the reason why many of our domestic CMS have not been developed, not because the products are not good.

However, something seems to have happened to WordPress recently. When we open the official website to download the latest version of programs or install plug-in themes, we will encounter the problem of 429 Too Many Requests. The problems caused by this are quite serious. For example, we can't download the latest version of software from the official, and we can't install plug-ins and themes when we upgrade them in the background. Of course, we certainly have a solution, but there is no freedom before.

In view of the current situation, WordPress has not come up with a solution. Of course, there should be a solution later. At present, WordPress has also been upgraded to version 5.3, but this version seems to be modified quite a lot, leading to some plug-in incompatibilities. Laozuo (laozuo. org) wrote this article today, which is also a brief summary of the problems encountered in helping enterprise customers upgrade programs recently.

First, possible problems with WordPress upgrade 5.3

1. Compatible plug-ins or theme problems

According to the feedback from customers and netizens who upgrade enterprise websites at present, some plug-ins are incompatible with the official version of WordPress 5.3, such as some watermark plug-ins and object storage plug-ins, which may be incompatible due to the problem of modifying the image processing logic in the new version.

2. Problems caused by failure to open

Since we need to connect between servers to open the website, including plug-in connection, if we use a mainland server, some servers in Hong Kong, China will also have this problem. Plug ins and themes will be automatically upgraded in the background, including the problem of 429 Too Many Requests when we install plug-ins and themes. This is because we cannot connect to the official website.

In view of possible compatibility problems, we'd better make a backup or select a replacement plug-in after detecting the problem. If the automatic upgrade cannot be opened, we can download it locally and then upload the upgrade or install it manually.

Second, a safe way to upgrade WordPress

Generally, when we see a prompt for the update of a new version of WordPress in the background, we can click the mouse directly to upgrade. However, due to the blocked connection, errors may occur during the upgrade. Our safest way is to upgrade manually. We can download the latest version of WordPress to our local, and then we can upgrade manually.

Reference“ Correct process of WordPress upgrade - automatic upgrade, manual upgrade and common error resolution "( )We can upgrade manually.

1 - Backup website

We also mentioned above that we need to back up the website whether it is an automatic or manual upgrade.

2 - Update the latest file

We can download the latest version from the official website, and then delete the files in the wp includes and wp admin folders of the old website and replace them with the files of the latest package. Do not replace the contents of the wp content folder, but replace the latest ones.

3. Perform Upgrade

After replacement, you can enter http://our website domain name/wp admin/upgrade.php into the browser, and then perform the upgrade.

Here, Lao Zuo also attached the download address of the latest version of wordpress.

Official address:

Image address:

If WordPress is always like this, it will actually give us a chance to make domestic software.

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