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Jingwen Internet double 11 servers 30% off maximum 2GB memory recharge 1000 free 300

In recent days, Lao Zuo has paid more attention to the promotion activities of domestic cloud server merchants, and the competition among several big men basically covers all the information. However, many individuals and corporate cloud service providers in China have also successively released Double 11 activities. Lao Zuo, a commonly used host company, has paid attention to it in the past and used it daily. We are familiar with Jingwen Internet businesses, which provide multiple Asian computer room solutions in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, etc.

During this Double 11 event, I saw that many blogs next door had published activities a few days ago, such as a 30% discount on all servers, 1GB of memory for monthly payment, 2GB of memory for quarterly payment, and 2GB of memory for free at most. At the same time, if we recharge the account, 300 yuan will be given for recharging 1000 yuan.

First, configuration of Jingwen interconnection part

At present, merchants provide ECS servers in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States, and can use the discount code of the whole market 37D5BFEV9U A 70% discount, free memory and 300 yuan for recharging 1000 all need to be added to the work order customer service. The activity ends on November 11.

Second, Jingwen Internet test IP address

Network test in Osaka, Japan:
Network test in Tokyo, Japan:
Hong Kong CN2 network test:
US CN2 network test:
Singapore network test:

Third, Jing'an Internet speed test

Lao Zuo (LAOZUO.ORG) had experienced their Osaka computer room in Japan before, but the speed was not very stable later. This time, the boss said that the speed in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore was relatively stable. Here I will ping the speed first, and then I will open one in a few days.

1. Tokyo, Japan

 Jing'an Internet speed test

2. Hong Kong

 Jingwen Internet double 11 servers 30% off maximum 2GB memory recharge 1000 free 300 - sheet 2

3. Singapore

In conclusion, the speed of the computer room in Hong Kong, China is relatively good from the perspective of PING speed. If we suggest, it can be preferred.

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