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How to activate and set AliCloud Grouping Activity Server voucher

During the Double 11 event, we saw that the competition among the major cloud service providers was extremely fierce, with Alibaba and Tencent being the two most competitive. We should have many netizens choose to buy their home seckill or group goods during the event. It's strange that you didn't recommend them from Lao Zuo, but when you ask questions, you still leave a message to Lao Zuo. For example, a netizen bought Alibaba Cloud Groupon servers last night. After paying, he said that he did not see the servers in the ECS instance, thinking that money had been pocketed.

In fact, this is not the case. We may not have read the rules of the activity. In the group building activity, we place an order to pay for the purchase of a voucher, just like we buy a voucher when we go shopping, and then we have to go to the warehouse to pick up the goods. The delivery voucher can be purchased in advance and has a validity period. Then we can pick up the goods before the expiration of the validity period. (Refer to Alibaba's activities: 2019 AliCloud Double 11 Main Venue New users Hong Kong server year 119 yuan/old users also have activities

 How to activate and set AliCloud Grouping Activity Server voucher

Lao Zuo (LAOZUO. ORG) asked this student to help him take a screenshot and share the tutorial in the background. You can see that there are purchased server vouchers in the voucher management. Then go to check the details.

 How to activate and set AliCloud Grouping Activity Server voucher

Then we can select the server region we need to set, and then set the system settings. Here is a problem. At first, the student told Lao Zuo (LAOZUO. ORG) that the operating system could not be selected. In fact, there is no machine in the selected available area. We can see several areas from the drop-down list, and select others. In fact, Lao Zuo doesn't understand what these regions mean. Anyway, Ali's products are difficult to understand.

Finally, we can normally open the AliCloud server for picking up vouchers. We should know how to use it later. You can see the opened machine in the ECS instance. By the way, in the future, students often look up relevant questions or answer questions to me. Somehow, they sometimes have to walk away from Laozuo's recommendation.

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