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Experience the small skin panel of phpStudy to create LAMP/LNMP system and station building image and text

Lao Zuo saw Yuan after the National Day PhpStudy Panel Name of new Linux panel system update release Small leather panel The first experience of phpStudy Linux system - one click installation of phpStudy panel view function )After experiencing this panel for the first time, we will definitely compare the current popular pagoda panel. Some people say that there is some reference in UI and functions, but it is impossible to say how innovative you can be in terms of functions. After all, it is LAMP and LNMP combined with open-source software.

From the WEB panels Lao Zuo (LAOZUO. ORG) has more contact with, the small leather panel is a little rough in function and experience at present, and does not take special care of newcomers when installing the WEB system combination. The use of the panel itself is to please the new webmaster, so when you install the WEB environment on the small leather panel, it is best to remind you which combination to install, Instead of choosing the software portfolio ourselves.

Today, the test server that installed the phpStudy small skin panel reminded me that it was about to expire, so I thought of the original plan to smooth out the experience and functions of this new small skin panel. So there are still a few days before the server expires. I will write more tutorial records about the small skin panel, and of course I will track whether they have new updated functions in the future, As users, we prefer to have multiple options.

First, small skin panel installation WEB software combination

Just now, when logging in to the small panel, it also reminded that there was a new version update, so after clicking, it was updated like this, and there was no progress experience. Go directly to page 404, and wait a few minutes before you can log in again.

 Small skin panel installation WEB software combination

After installing the small leather panel, we were not automatically installed or prompted to install the WEB environment. We need to go to the software management department to choose the installation. At present, we can install Apache, PHP, MYSQL, or Nginx, PHP, MYSQL. In fact, the combination is what we call LAMP and LNMP. We can choose to install the specific version.

Similarly, if we need to install database management, we can install phpMyAdmin4.9.0.1. If each site needs to set FTP separately, we can install pureftpd1.0.47. In fact, the installation is simple. Currently, there are not many software. If there are many, we recommend giving some tips to ordinary users.

Second, add a small skin panel to build a station

 Small skin panel adding site construction

Adding a site is still simple. We can choose the PHP version. If we have multiple versions of PHP installed, we can choose the corresponding site to use a PHP version. At the same time, database and FTP account can be created at the same time. In fact, here we can add programs to the corresponding website directory, and then install the website according to the wizard. In fact, we are quite familiar with the process.

Third, what other functions does the small leather panel have

At present, we see that the basic website building function of the small skin panel is still available, which is basically similar to the pagoda panel. In fact, at first, you can use it as long as others have it, and then you can add new functions or other functions that may be paid by others for free.

 What other functions does the small leather panel have

At present, the small panel also has scheduled tasks. You can select four scheduled tasks: SHELL script, access URL, backup website, and backup database.

Here we are also a commonly used function. Port passing is necessary.

The firewall report monitoring platform of the small leather panel is quite handsome, which feels very domineering. You can see the source IP address, load, application node monitoring and other information.

To sum up, today Laozuo (LAOZUO.ORG) had a slightly specific experience of the PHPSTUDY small skin panel. Its functions are useful for building a website, but from the perspective of user experience, the details still need to be changed. At least in terms of acceptance, users feel that there is no difference. In the future, special content will be added.

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