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The IP enabled by RamNode ECS is not available and the solution

RamNode host vendors have previously provided conventional host products like other ordinary host vendors. Some time ago, Lao Zuo also shared that there are new and more flexible OpenStack ECS products. We can delete and activate servers at any time, and customize the image installation system, which is good for users with such needs. In the previous article, Lao Zuo also carried out a survey of their regular server rooms in Los Angeles Simple evaluation

Today, Lao Zuo originally intended to sort out their new background panel applications, but there were some troublesome problems. I have opened many computer rooms in Los Angeles, New Jersey and so on. There are at least 10-20 servers, none of which can be used. All IP addresses cannot be pinged. At first, I thought it was a problem with firewall settings, but after reading the previous article, there is no need to set ports. It should be able to pinged IP addresses directly.

So I asked customer service about some work orders, and got the same answer as I expected. It should be because automatic merchant activation can open and delete servers at any time, or even change IP addresses, leading to many IP addresses being blocked due to non-standard use. However, the RamNode merchant did not filter the blocked IP address, but still dropped it into the opened IP address, so we can open it to the blocked IP address with a high probability, which is impossible for users with domestic demand.

So the merchant customer service answered very quickly and asked me to give their current server ID and manually change a new IP address for me, so it helped me to change a new IP address to solve this problem.

 The IP enabled by RamNode ECS is not available and the solution

Then we reply to the work order to inform the instance UUID log of the current server, and then we will change a new IP address and restart the server to take effect. We just need to see if it can be used. The merchant's server is good, but if the merchant does not control this problem, the quality of IP resources will be very poor in the future.

In short, we still need to use the server regularly.

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