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Vultr registered multiple accounts, resulting in account closure and possible solutions

Yesterday, I saw that the forum was quite lively. Everyone was frantically trying to register an Oracle account to open a free ECS. This morning, another netizen asked me if I had opened it. As always, Lao Zuo will not rush to buy these free server accounts. For one thing, it is troublesome and unnecessary. For another, the past experience tells us that even if it can be used, it needs various audits, and may even be deleted. As a result, the cost of wasted time is not worth it, so I will take a look at the excitement.

In the backstage of the website, Lao Zuo saw netizens leave messages about his registration these days Vultr account The opening of many machines eventually led to the suspension of all machine accounts. Let's see:

 Vultr registered multiple accounts, resulting in account closure and possible solutions

This student really thinks that foreigners are local tyrants, and they look down upon the anti cheating methods of merchants too much. Use the same WeChat to open multiple accounts, and then open many VPS hosts. Who will not be closed your account? Last year, Lao Zuo only logged in to other people's accounts on the same computer, and then his own accounts have to be verified. It's too obvious that you did so.

How to solve such problems? The only way is to explain and see how the authorities deal with this problem. But even if you explain or submit materials, it is unlikely to restore your account completely. If our account can still be accessed, then the background work order. If it can't be accessed, then submit the contact.

Contact address:

And then submit according to our request, of course, in English. First of all, we need to be sincere and tell ourselves that we are not clear about the rules. Then we hope to be unblocked and submit any information we need. Then wait for the email reply to see if it can be reused after being understood. If there is still no way to be permanently sealed, we can only re register the account.

When you register a new account, you can't use the old registered address and personal information. Of course, the payment method is also different. In short, we should not think foreigners are easy to cheat. In fact, they are as smart as us, but sometimes they don't care about users to some extent.

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