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Several issues that should be carefully considered when individuals choose to work in the mainframe sales business

In September, we also saw a lot of promotional activities of domestic host companies, especially the round by round promotional competition of BAT businesses, which really gave our users a lot of benefits. However, the traditional personal hosting companies and corporate businesses that we know can only change the way of discount and package, and their strength in planning activities is certainly not as strong as those of the big businesses. Lao Zuo also talked about several host companies who have been in the industry for many years. They all felt that this industry is becoming more and more difficult to do. Fortunately, they have accumulated a long time and old customers can maintain certain profits. They also want to or are doing transformation things.

 Several issues that should be carefully considered when individuals choose to work in the mainframe sales business

At the same time, we can also see the emergence of many new businesses, some of which can persist for a month or two, and some may disappear after a year or half. It is undeniable that there should be profits in this industry, but it needs to accumulate a certain number of users. With low threshold and low technology access, it can be seen that many even students are engaged in mainframe sales business. In the early years, buying a RESELLER host can no longer serve as a host company.

Lao Zuo has not written about this kind of hydrology for a long time. At the weekend, a netizen asked whether he could continue to be a host company. This student usually has a lot of school time and wants to sell hosts. After analyzing and weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I decided to give up this idea and might run a website or work in We Media instead. I think it is necessary to be cautious when working in the mainframe sales business.

First, the entry technology is low and the competition is fierce

In the era of virtual hosting, we feel that those who can work in the host business belong to the technology giants, especially those individuals or businesses with independent cabinets. Today, it is much simpler. Even if the independent server is launched by itself, it is much cheaper. Moreover, it also provides a lot of proxy and distribution access. We only need to provide domain names, payment interfaces, and even the templates of some merchants and distribution sites are ready for use.

Even if we set up our own sales website, it is very simple to have a variety of package systems to directly complete the layout of sales management. This has led to the emergence of many individual businesses. We should know that it is easy to build and difficult to operate. When many old businesses are hungry, your new business will inevitably be hit by these old businesses.

Second, the difficulty of operation and promotion requires a certain cost

Many personal host vendors think that the operating host is very simple. After building the platform, they can submit articles and posts to the host evaluation blog and wait for revenue? If this is true, those bloggers will directly operate a host company to sell hosts themselves. We can make statistics to see how many such bloggers operate their own hosts, which is basically non-existent. It can be further analyzed that such posting marketing mode is not desirable. We have also seen some local tycoons purchase such blogs and promote their products on the screen, but the effect is not obvious.

Website marketing, including host brands, is not simply a post telling you that someone will buy the promotional activities. It can really drive some sales, but long-term marketing needs many aspects. It includes the accumulation of various word-of-mouth, including user maintenance. Especially when the current competition is fierce, there are too many merchants to choose from. We need to have certain characteristics and competitiveness.

Third, after sales and dispute settlement are tedious

The biggest problem in the host industry is not how to build a server sales platform, nor how to promote it. Laozuo believes that the most tedious thing is after-sales service. We need to maintain the stability of the server, check the normalization of user information, deal with unexpected problems in a timely manner, and resolve user disputes.

If there are many employees in the company's behavior, we can divide the labor to deal with it. If there are individual businesses that need us to deal with them, we really feel that the time cost paid is not consistent with the benefit cost. This is also why we see some new businesses, which will not be seen after a few months. At the same time, we can't consume personal reputation. We need to do everything from beginning to end. We can't leave alone, or it will bring us unnecessary trouble.

To sum up, Lao Zuo's article talked about the difficulty of personal employment in the host business and the difficulty of competition in the current industry. Personally, if we have other projects that can be done, we should try not to engage in the host business, which is really difficult.

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