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One click installation of SSL certificate on pagoda panel to force HTTPS access settings

Nowadays, it is quite common to install SSL certificates on websites, and many browsers also force the installation. If you are insecure, you will be prompted that it is an insecure website. Although the problem is not serious, the experience is really bad. Many netizens struggle with whether to use a free SSL certificate or a paid certificate, although the latter is not expensive or cheap for tens of yuan a year. In fact, Lao Zuo personally believes that for most personal websites (not for business purposes), free certificates are also enough, basically as long as you see the green lock.

Although, if we are obsessive-compulsive patients and feel that using the free ones has no face, we can choose to pay for the certificates according to our preferences, which is no problem. Nowadays, the WEB panel environment has its own quick installation of free SSL certificates to achieve HTTPS encryption. For example, we use the pagoda panel more often in the visualization panel. The background can start the certificate with one click and set the mandatory HTTPS access.

First, we need to ensure that the domain name of the current website is resolved to the current server, and the CDN is not enabled. This can ensure that the verification passes when the certificate is automatically installed. Otherwise, it will fail.

 Pagoda panel One click installation SSL certificate force HTTPS access settings - sheet 1

Here we can choose the pagoda SSL certificate for free for one year or the Let's Encrypt certificate for free. Generally, the latter is simpler and does not need to register an account. After enabling, you can see the figure above, and then enable mandatory HTTPS in the upper right corner, so that HTTP will automatically jump to HTTPS. If we need both addresses to be accessible, do not force.

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