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JWDNS Jingwen Internet Hong Kong Shatian CN2 server 16GB/500GB SSD/5Mbps 999 yuan/month

Jingwen Internet (JWDNS), a domestic cloud server provider with a long history, also introduced their VPS, cloud server introduction and evaluation information in Laozuo's blog. Most of them provide ECS products based on Asian computer rooms in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Recently, I saw many domestic host companies begin to deploy independent server business. Anyway, domestic businesses prefer to follow suit.

Here, we also see that Jingwen Internet merchants have added a new CN2 server in Shatian, Hong Kong. According to the official statement, the order can be delivered within two hours, which is comparable to the speed of domestic machines, and supports refunds within three days. Three network CN2 of Shatian computer room in Hong Kong is directly connected to the mainland. 60Gbps access to China Telecom backbone network, 20Gbps access to China Unicom backbone network, and support China Telecom ATM, SDH, MPLS special line access.

First, Hong Kong Shatian CN2 server configuration

Hong Kong/Japan servers can use discount codes VXW214PGR1 A discount of 200 yuan, 999 yuan scheme out of stock, can not use discount code. If we need to purchase ECS, we can use it 56YTQ3ASJB 20% discount, 300 yuan free for recharging 1000 yuan, work order application is required, 1G memory can be given for purchasing ECS, and work order application is required.

Second, test the IP address

Hong Kong Shatian Server :

Third, PING speed test

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