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Select Linux server business site building project and data backup method and cycle

Last night, Lao Zuo saw a netizen mention that the VPS host of the RAKSmart merchant was disconnected again, so I saw that one of my two machines in the US machine room was indeed disconnected. The merchant remembered that some machines had such problems last month, and the data was lost and could not be recovered. Later, I left a message to the official customer service, and it was confirmed that there were two hard disk failures, and the backup disk failed at the same time, and the data could not be recovered.

Recently, we have seen a lot of things from overseas host companies. For example, Hostdare companies deliberately shut down their servers to avoid IP blocking. This company is also quite strange. What do you want website developers to do? Alpharacks merchants ran away, and the data could not be recovered. Later, it was rumored that the merchants set up a brand operation again. In a word, if we have businesses that store data on websites, try to choose those that are slightly reliable.

The most important thing is that we need to provide backup data regularly. In this way, even if the hard disk of the business is damaged, data is lost, or even the business runs away, we can still recover the recent data.

First, about the data backup cycle

Most webmasters can't do real-time backup for technical reasons. After all, most of our personal websites don't have data increments all the time. Basically, a few articles are added every day or a few days, and there is no need to do real-time backup. If we use some conventional panels or one click WEB installation scripts, the script tools basically provide backup gadgets.

We can regularly back up the website data to the third-party cloud storage or another backup server according to the backup function provided by the script tool. Of course, we also need to regularly download the website data to the local. Even for service providers like Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, we should not think that there is absolute security. Even if there is a problem with what the business promises, the business will give compensation time at most, rather than compensate for lost data or losses.

Second, the choice of website building host

Lao Zuo here doesn't say that cheap businesses are not good. Cheap businesses must be good because we spend less money. However, relatively speaking, businesses that are too cheap will have less profit, so they will pay less attention to services or operation and maintenance. We can see that any business can compensate for time at most due to server hard disk damage or data loss. After the real data is lost, even if it is given to you for permanent use, you will certainly not want to use it. Of course, you dare not use it.

If the website is for fun, it doesn't matter whether the data is lost or not. It's optional. If you want to achieve some goals when you build a website, you must not be greedy for bargains, or unknown businesses generally do not choose, and we need to do a good job of data backup or security measures.

Every time a business runs away, sometimes it doesn't happen to us, sometimes it happens to us. At this time, we all condemn and swear not to choose these businesses anymore, but we forget it for a while.

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