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Jingwen Internet in June Hong Kong/Japan ECS 30% off 1G/3M/40GB monthly 61 yuan

Jingwen Internet, a domestic host company, provides cloud servers and physical server products in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the United States and other places. The products of the company are relatively stable and suitable for users who need to build Asian servers. It should be noted here that recently, we have seen IP addresses of various domestic and foreign service providers being blocked, which is caused by our users setting up an illegal environment, including Jingwen Internet merchants.

So Lao Zuo personally suggested that when we choose a service provider recently, no matter whether you have previously blocked or escaped by luck, in view of the security of the server IP address, it is recommended to use it formally. Otherwise, there is a risk of IP blocking. We saw that Jingwen Internet released a promotional campaign, and in June, all cloud servers received a 30% discount. Among them, people chose more Hong Kong and Japan machine rooms, and the monthly fee after the discount of 3M bandwidth for the minimum 1G memory configuration was about 61 yuan.

First, configuration of Jingwen interconnection part

At present, the merchants provide cloud servers in Osaka, Japan, Hong Kong CN2, Singapore, and the US computer room, and can use all the discount codes MAM98CJJW3 30% off

Second, test the IP address

Network test in Osaka, Japan:
Network test in Tokyo, Japan:
Hong Kong CN2 network test:
US CN2 network test:
Singapore network test:

Third, simple PING speed test

1. Osaka, Japan

 What is the speed of Jingwen Internet in Osaka, Japan

2. Hong Kong CN2

 What is the speed of Jingwen Internet's computer room in Hong Kong

In conclusion, we need to remind that domestic businesses, like any foreign businesses, need to use them formally. Recently, I saw that many domestic businesses are also discussing and blocking IP addresses.

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