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Reasons and solutions for the purchase server/domain name order marked as fraud

It is unclear why many of our webmasters consider it. They will use untrue information when registering domain names and buying hosts. Nowadays, we generally need real information to register information with domestic registrars, such as SMS verification, input and submission of ID cards, etc., so we can only use real information if strictly required. If it is an overseas registrar, we may not require the authenticity of the name and address, but they also have a system to identify the real information.

For example, some service providers will identify the integrity of our registration information. If it is filled out in a random way, it will definitely not pass. Some will be strict. For example, if your address is Shanghai, if your actual IP address is relatively close to Shanghai, it will be OK. If it is relatively far away, it will also be identified as fraudulent orders. Once the fraudulent orders are identified, Either the account is locked after registration, or the server and domain name will be deleted after purchase. In this article, today is the Dragon Boat Festival. I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival. Please write something about hydrology after eating dumplings.

 Reasons and solutions for the purchase server/domain name order marked as fraud

First, the reason for the marked fraudulent order

1. Incomplete personal information

At present, among domestic registrars, if they are really ready to do it stably and for a long time, they are indeed connected to a more strict verification mechanism. For example, ID card information submission and mobile phone verification code. If we do not complete these information, we will not be allowed to register and purchase. At the same time, we users should not go too far. If there is a problem with the content, it may be submitted to the superior department.

For overseas businesses, although our information is not particularly true, the e-mail, address spelling, and region should not be too far off the mark. Some businesses even require that the e-mail address for registration information should be consistent with that of the Paypal account. Of course, there are also businesses that need to submit ID card and passport information after registration.

2. Payment channel problem

The source of funds is also quite strict. Some netizens use informal channels for payment, which must be detected, or we use informal channels for payment. At the same time, some do not support virtual credit cards. For some business credit cards, we need to take photos and scan the physical card for verification after payment.

3. We are not supported to purchase

A small number of businesses, which Lao Zuo had been exposed to before, did not support our purchase, or even chose not to have our country in the country or region. If we insist on purchasing, you may choose other countries and regions, and then the risk control will detect the purchase, and then prompt the fraudulent order. Therefore, businesses that encounter such problems will not buy unless they let us buy them.

Second, solutions to fraudulent order merchants

1. Improve personal information

After confirming that the merchant supports our purchase and our information is also true. Domestic merchants must have true information, while foreign merchants can be a little sloppy, but not too ridiculous. For some extremely strict merchants, they need to submit data for verification after registration, so you must be true. Don't wait for our project to run stably, and the server will be deleted due to the detected problems. That will not pay off.

2. Conform to TOS regulations of merchants

Even if sometimes there is no problem in registration, if we violate the TOS regulations of the merchant in the use process, the server or domain name will also be restricted. For example, we will choose overseas businesses as domain name businesses, but if the content of our website belongs to copyrighted or prohibited content, the domain name will also be restricted or confiscated. In the same way, the server is also like this. If we use it illegally, our account will be deleted or suspended. Therefore, we must comply with the TOS of merchants and national laws and regulations at all times.

3. You can not choose

Some businesses really discriminate against us, so why should we close to them? Just don't buy it. So don't choose the merchants who are particularly strict or look down on us. There are too many basic service merchants nowadays. Why follow them? I'm sure we can find a replacement. Especially for low price or free merchants, if you waste time applying and are deleted, the time wasted will be higher than the payment.

In short, when we purchase servers and domain names, we have our own problems with fraudulent orders, as well as problems with businesses, but most of them are due to the former, so we need to pay attention to them.

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