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Re experience the latest version of WDCP WEB panel and relive the past glory

Our webmaster installed the WEB panel in the Linux server a few years ago, and most of them would choose the WDCP panel. Because AMH panels began to charge at that time, we didn't have much choice, so we can only say that WDCP was a better choice compared with the experience at that time, although we also encountered various problems in the use process, In his blog, he also shared the records of various problems encountered by netizens at that time. Later, due to the official development progress, the software version could not be updated, so there was room for development of the pagoda panel.

Recently, I met several netizens who are still using the WDCP panel, mainly because the new version of WordPress needs to support PHP5,6+. The earlier version of the PHP version of the default WDCP panel is not compatible with the latest WP PHP version, so I encountered some problems during the upgrade. I didn't use this opportunity to reinstall the WDCP panel in a test server, See if there are any changes in the current WDCP.

According to the official introduction of WDCP, there should be changes. A separate domain name has been set up to operate this panel brand, and commercial paid versions have been provided. It is unclear how many netizens use this once brilliant panel today. However, from the development progress and community documents, I can't keep up with the current popular pagoda panel. I remember I experienced it last year or the year before last, and the function experience really needs to be improved.

First, install the latest version of WDCP

yum install -y wget
tar zxvf lanmp_ v3.3.tar.gz

If we need to customize the installation, we can change the last line. Replace with the following:

sh cus

In this way, we can select specific software versions and combinations. Because the software is compiled and installed, it takes a long time to install the software. Lao Zuo doesn't take screenshots here. Finally, I wait until the installation is completed.

Second, experience the current WDCP panel environment

The purpose of installing WDCP today is to experience and see if there are any changes in this panel that I haven't touched for a long time. In fact, it's a pity that once a good hand of cards could be played like this.

Here we can see that the background interface of the current new version of WDCP has been modified. Although the details are rough, it is at least better than before. Also, you can see the familiar website building, database, FTP and security functions in the menu on the left.

 WDCP PHP Multi version Management

In the background of WDCP, we can see multiple PHP management, but this is not a good experience. You cannot click Install online, but you need to go back to SSH script installation. In addition, we can see that the current PHP version is not displayed, and we can't see which PHP versions are currently installed.

Here we can see that the management of SSL certificates has been improved. Support quick installation of LETS free certificates and paid certificates.

 Re experience the latest version of WDCP WEB panel and relive the past glory

Security management and system management are the same as before, without special added functions. After all, this WDCP has been mature for so many years.

To sum up, if the current WDCP panel returns to the user's choice, what needs to be strengthened is the software version control management, such as the switching experience of Nginx, Apache, and other engines, as well as the visual operation of PHP and other software versions mentioned above. You can't let users install software in SSH after installing the panel, This is not the original intention of installing the panel.

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