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Linux CentOS Installation LLsMP One click Installation Package Tutorial

LLsMP It is Lao Zuo's favorite one button installation package. If there is no special purpose requirement, I will choose between LNMP and LLSMP. Of course, the latter is the most popular choice when building a website. Especially for small blogs or websites, the resources occupied are very small. The author of the original LLSMP has given up updating. The latest version is 0.6, but it is enough for us to use. In view of the system environment, some friends like to use centos, so Lao Zuo installed version 0.6 of LLSMP on CENTOS to try.

The first step is to log in to SSH where we have installed Centos.

tar zxvf llsmp0.6_centos.tar.gz
cd centos
sh php5.3

Step 2: Select Install.


Select Finish Installation, and LiteSpeed user name and password (database password). Finally, press any key to continue, and then we wait for the installation to complete. For how to use, we can refer to LNMP Series Tutorials

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