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Issues to be noted about HawkHost's use, re purchase and relocation

I didn't hang out with them after work at noon today. I just squatted on the work station to deal with the problem of enterprise website migration of some friends and customers I met earlier. Before, Lao Zuo bought a HawkHost Hawk host every two years on Black Friday, and then left their website behind. At least in these six or seven years, there has been no website data problem, so he is still quite relieved. This year's Black Friday Hawk host launch event is one day earlier than previous years. I also released this event before“ 2018 Black Friday HawkHost remains at a 30% discount of $21 for 2 years "。

In line with the principle of saving money, my machine still has two days to expire (two years ago, the black fifth day should be around the 24th), so I hurried to buy a migration data, how stingy I am. I also encountered some problems during the period, so I will sort out the problems here. If there are netizens who also encounter them, I can avoid detours. Although it only cost less than 150 yuan this time, it took more than three hours.

Here, HawkHost also has VPS and other products, but Lao Zuo has used his home's virtual host because other products have average cost performance and their computer room is not good. Although there are six or seven data centers in the virtual machine, it seems that Hong Kong and Singapore also exist, but the speed is detour. I still choose Los Angeles. When the speed is good in the daytime, the ping speed is around 180, and it is slow at night. However, the customers of the above corporate websites are all for foreign trade or Chinese display, and they don't care about me.

First, the new purchase cannot be opened immediately

Here is a new virtual host that I opened this morning. It can be seen that it is not opened immediately and needs to wait for approval. At the beginning, you can see PENGDING. You need to see ACTIVE before you can use it. At the same time, an email will be sent to us, including the FTP account and IP address.

Second, about the host IP

I am also troubled by this problem. I don't know what the IP address in their email is. The IP address in the email sent directly to us is not actually the IP address of the virtual host. Even the IP we see in the host panel is not.

The IP address we see here is not the IP address of the host at all. The IP address is the same as the one sent to us by email. Certainly, many people think it is. I used to think it is, but it is not good after analysis.

The real IP address is the IP address of our virtual host in the general information on the right side of the CPanel panel, and then you can log in with the FTP account and password you gave us. This is the IP address that our website resolves. I also wrote a work order to ask the official before, but I didn't explain it clearly, so I didn't follow it.

Third, re purchase and relocation website issues

If you are as stingy as the old left, buy a new one and move in. We need to back up the website and database to the local, and then we need to delete the bound domain name in the original virtual host panel's additional domain. Then add additional domains to the newly purchased Hawk host. If you do not contact it first, you cannot add it. You will be prompted that the domain name is bound to an existing host.

This problem is encountered in many foreign virtual hosts. Therefore, if we purchase relocation data from similar hosts, we must contact and bind them before adding them to new hosts. Of course, I also met some netizens who used an overseas host before, and they did not buy it again, but also prompted to be bound. Lao Zuo estimated that the domain name was used and bound in the system before, and that you can submit a work order to apply for manual cancellation. It is estimated that different businesses will require you to resolve the domain name to the server IP in advance to verify ownership.

Fourth, about database PHPMYADMIN

This pit is also the first time to encounter it. Because the Hawk host is a virtual host, unlike VPS, which can directly command data import, it is common to use PHPMYADMIN to import and create databases. But today I met an evil sect. I couldn't see the added database name after logging in, so I had to open a visible database in the address bar first, then modify the newly added database name in the address bar, and then I can see it and import it.

Fifth, other issues

Nowadays, we don't use many virtual hosts, but we usually use personal websites or foreign trade websites. The main reason is that the website is relatively difficult to do, which is to play with headlines and we media. So we can see that many of the old virtual hosting companies have been closed or down. Or everyone can join in the highly competitive virtual machine market.

The Hawk mainframe has a history of more than ten years and has its own characteristics, but it is not clear how long they can persist.

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